Galaxy Space [Addon for GalactiCraft]

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Filename GalaxySpace-1.7.10-1.2.13.jar
Uploaded by graciaplus9
Uploaded Sep 30, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 22.72 MB
Downloads 15,809
MD5 fa59d84d56357bd24b4ab1b36f8611a6
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


1. Fixed number of drop of diamonds from Venus ore.
2. Fixed crash due to incorrect recipe in Liquid Separator.
3. Improved sky on Earth is now off by standard in the new config.
4. Reworked logic of Portable Nuclear Reactor.
5. Uranium ingots removed. Uranium rods added.

6. The modules for the spacesuit are rewritten. New modules added.
7. Modified GUI Modification table (backport from 1.12.2)
8. Added config to disable images in the sky.
9. Fixed EPP oxygen canister.
10. Enriched fuel canister added.