Galactic Computers



It occurred to me that there was no integration between GalactiCraft and OpenComputers, so I've decided to make one myself. After all, you can barely call it a "space base" if it has no computers!

How can I interface with supported blocks?

You'll need to use adapter from OpenComputers to do so. Somewhat annoying, but that's it.

What mods are supported?

  • Galacticraft Core
  • Galacticraft Planets
  • GalaxySpace

All mods with exception of Galacticraft Core are optional. Feel free to ask for support for other GC addons.

New blocks and items

Currently, only Sealable Cable Block is added. It acts like other sealable blocks from GalactiCraft do, so you can connect computers inside and outside of your space base without air leaks.

Enjoying this little project?

Buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi as thanks and to ensure that it keeps developing.