Gakais Flight Table (Fly block)

13,280 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 28, 2015 Game Version: 1.8

A table, that consumes different kinds of fuel to grant creative-like flying capabilities in a specified range.

If the table receives a redstone signal, it is turned off.
Leaving the range while flying, you will receive no fall damage.

Parameters like fuel consumption and ranges can be adjusted in the config file "FlightTable.cfg".


  • Feather (default: 12k RF)
  • Redstone Feather (default: 48k RF)
  • Redstone Flux (not available in 1.8)
  • Creative Feather (infinite fuel, e.g. for adventure maps)


  • You can upgrade the range by inserting up to 64 glowstones into the upgrade slot:


  • Flight Table
    Flight Table Recipe
  • Redstone Feather


from SliceOfMeat:


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