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Hello fellow Thaumaturges,


To fix a critical vulnerability in this mod you have to install the following patcher mod alongside with Gadomancy:
For more information read the description of the patcher mod.

and welcome to Gadomancy, a gadget-mod for Thaumcraft 4.

This mod contains some very useful and unique features to enhance your Thaumcraft experience. Additionally, we're focusing primarily on automation and adding choices to make Thaumcraft more feasible for multiplayer servers.

Another part of my mod is an API for other developers to easily add their own golem cores, something that Thaumcraft 4 left out for the modders for some reason.
So, if you're a developer and interested in that go ahead and read the API section.


NOTE: In 1.0.6+ we added potion effects and enchantments! Check the configuration file for id configurations!


Version 1.0.7 added the Essentia Condenser and the Book of Knowledge and the Ethereal Familiar Rework

Version fixxes issues when scanning stuff and with the essentia condenser + adds some more clarifying texts

Version fixxed wrong language file entries and a rendering issue with the aura core

Version Severeal registry fixes as well as a minor rendering improvement


Version 1.0.6 added the Aura Core along with the Aura Pylon and Arcane Packager +
Enchantment Thaumic Sight and the Armor disguise

Version Code-wise configuration changes. Update if you're having issues that the enchantment or potion id's are not configurable for some reason!

Version Language file changes. Adds a more understandable description to the Aura Pylon.

Version Fixed issues in connection with galacticraft and instability with potion & enchantment ids.
Version 1.0.5 Hotfix: Thaumic Horizons integration (Recreating golem bell id -1 issue in TH v. 1.1.9)
Version 1.0.4 added the Gate of the Voidwalkers and Arcane Enervation Emitter
Version 1.0.3 added the Ethereal Familiar (+ Upgrades) and Golem Core: Bodyguard
Version 1.0.2 added the Node Manipulator
Version 1.0.1 added the Mirrored Jar

This mod will need Thaumcraft 4.2 or later to work. (Atm Taumcraft 5 is not supported)

We hope the screenshot caught your attention ;)



- Some textures are just temporarily. If you want to help us with that just pm me (:
- You can just post textures or transtlations in the Github issues section


Arcane Dropper & Mirrored Jars

Mirrored Jars & Arcane Dropper


Node Manipulator

Node Manipulator

Ethereal Familiar

Ethereal Familiar


Aura Core:
An item that, after activated with a crystal cluster, scans its surroundings and changes its type according to the type of primal aspect that is found most. Or it indicates that the scanning process failed and it stays blank.

Aura Pylon:
Diffuses essentia into the surrounding area and things happen dependent on the aspect used.

Arcane Packager:
Compresses up to 9 items (the amount of each stack doesn't matter) into an arcane package. Right-click with the arcane package to get your items back out. The arcane package can be disguised as thaumcraft loot bag. The compression process can be started with a redstone signal. It needs pannus essentia or leather and strings to operate.

Thaumic Sight:
An enchantment for your helmet. When used, it makes nodes visible, just like thaumcraft's "Goggles of Revealing".

Armor disguise:
Infusion to make one armor look like another one. The process can be reverted.

Gate of the Voidwalkers:
Option to open up an eldritch portal with a special multiblock and the cost of 4 eldritch eyes and a bit more vis than usual.
Once entered, there is no exit until the eldritch maze is finished.

Arcane Enervation Emitter:
A device powered by Ordo essentia slowly powering up, increasing range and essentia drain speed along with it up to its maximum range of 15 blocks and drain speed of 1 ordo essentia per second.
Blocks protected by the Arcane Enervation Emitter cannot be destroyed by mods, no matter what mobs or however the blocks are modified/destroyed. It also stops Slimes from destroying farmland and stops creepers from exploding.

Ethereal Familiar:
A arcane Follower thats flying around you and helps you defeting your daily foes.
You can even upgrade its damage, attack range and attack speed!

Golem Core: Bodyguard:
Basically it does what it says here, attacking things that attack you.
Targeting is similiar to the Minecraft Wolf.
Will teleport to you if he is too far away.
Rightclick to make the golem "sit".

Node Manipulator:
Allows random manipulation of an aura node for the cost of 70+ Vis.
Some unknown results may appear that even the wisest thaumaturge doesn't know yet.

Mirrored Jar:
Multiple Jars will exchange their essentia and try to keep an even amount.
Right click on another jar to create a new network. If the placed jar is already linked then the item will be bound to this network.
Shift + right click in the air to clear the network.

Arcane Dropper:
Hover over it with a wand (Without Focus) to see its range.
All the dropped items in this range are part of the inventory of this block.
You're only able to extract/insert items from the flat sides of the block.
The block has no gui.

Sticky Jars:
You're now able to place rotated jars!
Compatible with the following Jars:
- Thaumcraft: Warded Jar, Void Jar
- Automagy: Infinity Jar
- Thaumic Exploration: Oblivion Jar

Silverwood Golem:
A new golem type with 3 upgrade slots (you can't make him advanced)
Stats are simmilar to wood golem.

Golemic Shielding:
Runic Shielding for your golems!
Does not use any kind of vis.
Extra effective with Silverwood golem.

Golem Core: Bodyguard:
This core will make your golem follow you and attack the mobs that attack you
or the mobs that you attacked.
The golem behaves similiar to a wolf.

Golem Core: Break:
This core will allow your golem to break marked blocks.
He will use tools if you specified that in the golems inventory
(tipp: use an entropy upgrade to ignore metadata changes on tools).
If you add a block to the golems inventory he will only break the specified block.
Breaking speed depends on strength and tool speed.
Fully compatible with the ordo upgrade (Specify which tool should be used on the associated marked block)

Infusion Claw:
You're now able to automatically start your infusion with a redstone signal
and it will store all your knowledge even if you're offline!
Place it on top of an infusion matrix (compatible with Thaumic Horizons)
You can auto insert/extract the wand from the top side and if you enable
the check box in the gui, you're able to extract empty wands only.
It will not accept redstone signal from top or bottom sides.
But this process will add instability and use vis from the wand.
The instability added depends on the used wand. Staffs are better than normal wands (you can't use scepters)
The best staff is a primal staff core with void caps (This will not add instability at all)
The best vanilla wand is a silverwood rod with void caps. (Rods with more than 100 storages are better)
You should always use a good wand otherwise you'll get alot of instability!

You can also use this to auto produce Crucibles and Thaumonomicons (who would need that?)
and this will not drain vis from the wand.

Bugs reports / enhancements / contact:

- If you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes just send us pm or create an issue on github
- In case of real bugs: We will only fix them if you post them on Github
and if your client or server crashed you have to add a FULL crash-report
- If you think we have to add a specific feature or change something just post that on Github too.
- And for everything else just send a pm to one of us ;)


1. Download the jar
2. drop it in your mod folder
3. have fun


The actual API is quite easy to use (of course you need to know java and some minecraft modding and we won't help you with that):

Golem Cores:
Create a new class and extend AdditionalGolemCore and then implement all needed methods, read the method comments for more info
or just look at my Golem Core: Break
to register the actual core use:
GadomancyApi.registerAdditionalGolemCore(name, core);

Golem Types (This part of the API is no longer supported please do NOT use it):
Create a new class and extend AdditionalGolemType
example: Silverwood Golem
register: GadomancyApi.registerAdditionalGolemType(name, yourModId, additionalGolemType);

Infusion Claw: You can add your own behaviors to the Infusion Claw.
Create a new class and extend ClickBehavior
example: here (look at the inner class)
register: GadomancyApi.registerClawClickBehavior(behavior);

Special thanks:

of course to Azanor for making Thaumcraft
to HellFirePvP for creating alot of features
to Shadows_Of_Fire for continuous help with supporting some users issues (Really means ALOT!)
to Redcreeper63502 & BBoldt for helping us create the Thaumonomicon Entries (Thanks guys!)

Modpack policy / License:

Feel free to use my mod in private modpacks but if you're using it in a public modpack please write a pm and you're good (: (you don't need to wait for an answer) and for public modpacks you need to include a link back to this project page.
And of course your not allowed to monetize this mod in any way.

The entire mod is open source and published under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
You can find the source on Github