Gadgetron: ItemGrabber

1,737 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 21, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Gadgetron presents the Item grabber, a configurable magnet for items and xp, also in belt form.

Requires Gadgetron


New in 1.2.0:

Added Anti grabber blocks and also support for other mods, both in terms of a new API, can be seen how to be used on Github and in integration with other mods.


Item grabbers can now be converted to a belt form, which will not be dropped upon death. Functions just like the normal item grabbers. It is not an armor piece, it will not take up an inventory slot


Mod Items


Anti grabber blocks which are nearly invisible when placed, they modify the block they are placed on to disable grabbers and prevent items from being grabbed. They come in four variants. Range can be changed when the block has been placed.

  1. Works in all directions.
  2. Works in all directions but up.
  3. Works in all directions but down.
  4. Covers the chunk in x and z, but only 7 above or below the block this variant is placed on.

Also it will not try to grab items from ImmersiveEngineering conveyor belts and in 1.12.2 versions the Solegnolia flower from Botania also works as an anti grabber.



Special behaviour

The item grabber has special behaviour in regards to how it interacts with other players item grabbers.

  • If an item is dropped, the player's, who dropped it, will not attract it agian before 5 seconds have passed.
  • It will not attract items being attracted by another player's item grabber.
  • Items will be attracted by the closest active item grabber which has enough range to attract the item.



Client Side:

  • Where the icon is positioned.
  • Hide the icon.
  • Does sneaking disable the magnet temporary.

Server Side:

  • Speed of the two tiers of magnets.
  • Range of the two tiers of magnets.

The textures will probably be changed.


Any feedback will be most welecome


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