2,079 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

 This is a library mod for series of mods from the Gadgetron lineup. 

This mod contains the basic world gen and tools made of each of the ores.

This mod also contains machines that is used to craft crafting materials for this mod and others from the Gadgetron lineup, even from popular mods like Thermal Expansion


Raritanium Crystal


Mod blocks and items


Every ore in this mod is configurable per ore basis:

  • How many veins per chunk.
  • Max vein size.
  • Min height.
  • Max height.
  • Blacklisted dimensions.
  • Block which it replaces.

The current ore gen values might be too low or too high, they will be adjusted down the line.

The model for the crystal might also be changed.


-- Hint the green ore is poisonous, maybe its poison can be used for something --


 Any feedback will be most welecome


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