Futurepack Addon

52,601 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Futurepack Addon, has both forestry and decoration build into it.  It adds quite a few new block colours to the current futurepack items.

Currently this one requires Forestry, but will be optional in the future.  I will keep this one going as long as people want it to go.


Futurepack Addon Core, is one of the modules in this mod.  It contains the basic parts needed to run all the additional parts.


Futurepack Addon Decoration, is another module in this mod.  It contains all colours of futurepack blocks for wardrobes, scanners, modules, boarding computers, flash drives, and part press.  I do plan to add more different blocks but that is what i currently have.


Futurepack Addon Forestry, is the last of the current modules that I have in here (meaning i might have more planned).  This module is very beta module.  It will not crash the client or server though.  A lot is planned for this module and even when I talk to the Futurepack Team (redsnake games) they really like some of the upcoming features.


Modules that are planned, but ready to release are the following, AE2-Bridge, Armory, and Planets.


Expect this one to be updated more often but not too often as I don't want to keep getting burnt out.


If you would like to join My discord, https://discord.gg/Mvp3v4v and another one of mine is https://discord.gg/AxT293e


If you would like to join and meet the Futurepack Team, they use teamspeak 3.  Their server information is redsnake-games.de.  Here you can see me hangout in my channel, day and night, and normally if you would like to ask them a question there more then willing to reply.


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