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Paving the way to a better world

Fureniku's Roads is a mod with one goal in mind: to add highly customizable roads to your Minecraft world!


Formally known as FlenixRoads, this mod adds 19 different types of road, with customizable height, and over 80 different paint patterns in 3 different colours. You can combine the roads and paint as you see fit. More blocks to decorate your streets are coming too!

All the road block variants

14 exclusive road types, with 5 vanilla (stone, grass, gravel, dirt, sand). 16 height options.



All paints are available in Yellow and Red too. You can place paint on any block, and letters can be placed on walls too!


So, what does it do exactly...?
This is mostly a decorative mod, so alone it doesn't "do" much. It allows you to express your creativity in a new way, and it's great for city roleplay builds too. I guess the best way to show it off is to show some screenshots! All roads shown here are built in a modified version of City of Newisle by Blip Noir


A UK-style Zebra Crossing


A city road at night


A bus stop

Bus courtesy of Immersive Vehicles


Roads are of course just the 1.0 release though! With future releases I plan to add more things to decorate your roads with, such as signs, lighting and more! I've included a few examples of things to come in this 1.0 release, such as the first street lights, barrier, and a reflector.



Disclaimer: The reflectors shown here will not render like this with Optifine installed.


The lighting in Fureniku's Roads is a bit fancy too. Here's a day/night comparison of a highway:


HIghway (Day)

Highway (Night)


My street lights use a custom system which creates a fake light source at the base, giving them a more natural lighting feel than Minecraft would normally offer.

Lighting comparison



Those of you who are familiar with my mods from 1.6 and 1.7 probably remember I didn't like making crafting recipes. Well, that is a thing of the past! Everything* in Fureniku's Roads is now craftable and the mod can be played completely survival.


*Beta features and example parts such as lighting in 1.0 will not have recipes until their full implementation.


Crafting recipes and guides will be available on my wiki in the coming days.


Paint Gun

To extend the crafting system, is the paint gun! This is what you'll use to paint your roads and is useful for both survival and creative players. Just fill it up (if you're in Survival), pick your paint, pick your colour and off you go! The Paint Gun is great to manage your different paint types without filling up the hotbar. You can also use the "pick block" function (middle mouse by default) to select the paint you're currently targeting and load it up on the gun.


Paint Gun

A blue border around an option suggests its a mutli-block paint and will connect to others around it.

The display and tanks on the paint gun model are fully functioning!


Planned Features
Here is everything I intend to add right now. Missing something you'd like? Suggest it!

1.1: More street lighting & road accessories Released!

1.2: Signs

1.3: Traffic light system

1.4: Road works (systems to mass-build roads in Creative, and some decorative relevant things)

1.5: Diagonal road system (including curbs and sidewalks. Let's break Minecraft!)

1.6: Mystery surprise!


License & Disclaimer
This mod is developed and owned by Fureniku. He owns it, and it's his. If at any point all my mods go 6 months without any update, and I have not responded to a message for 2 weeks after that point, then the mod is assumed to be public domain and someone can take over. Let's cause this the whoops I died IRL clause.

You are more than welcome to include this mod in any modpack, so long as:

- You have permission to use all other mods in the pack

- You credit all mods, and include a link back to the original download source (ideally in a .txt file inside your modpack, but any publicly-accessible credit list is fine)

- You do not profit off the pack (donations are fine so long as you occasionally pass them along to any mod developer for your pack)

Fureniku cannot be held responsible if this mod breaks your world, destroys your computer or eats your dog.



I'm sure this list will shrink drastically once I get the wiki up, but for now here's the questions I anticipate:


Is it laggy?
*No more than if you covered blocks with fences. There's no tile entites involved here, just some clever block offset positioning. Paint is technically "the block above" a road, and offsets vertically to align with the road - no laggy tile entities involved! Actual performance will vary with your system but generally it should run relatively well.
(Note: in the future Signs will be tile entities and may have a very minor performance hit if used excessively)

HOWEVER. The startup time will be impacted because there's quite a lot of different models to load. The mod probably won't load on 32 bit Java (although 64 bit is a requirement of Forge anyway I believe). I recommend allocating at least 2gb RAM but allocate 4 if possible.


How do I make roads in survival?
Ideally, get JEI - all the recipes are available through that. Alternatively, you'll need at least a Tar Distiller, Crusher, and Road Factory. Check the tooltips when you hover over the slots to see the recipes beyond that.


You can then adjust the height using a Tarmac Cutter, or the Pneumatic Drill once placed.


How do you place/destroy Curbs?
Curbs are a bit strange: You place them on the road pointing at the sidewalk. If there's no paint on the side of your road, you can just place as normal, but if you want paint then place the paint first, then sneak-right-click the curb onto the paint. To destroy it, you need to sneak-right-click with the Pneumatic Drill. They're a bit hacky in how they work, my apologies for the complexity.


How do you add posts to barriers?
Right-click with a Wrench

My light isn't illuminating the floor as much as it should be!
You probably accidentally broke the fake light. The fake light is a block on the floor below the real light, but it's invisible. You can walk through it, and replace it by placing other blocks. Break and replace the light and it should return.


Reflectors aren't lighting up like in the screenshots!

You probably have Optifine installed. Optifine messes with how I make things bright without emitting light, and unfortunately I can't do it with OF installed. 


Suggestions and Bug Reports
I'm always open to hear suggestions and feedback! Ideally, please join my Discord below. Failing that, you can log them through Freshdesk here.


Other mods!

I'm sure someone will ask, so yes Cities will also be receiving a 1.12 update, but will be split into separate mods for Cities (decoration) and Economy. If you aren't familiar with my old 1.7 mods, then don't worry about it for now :)



Join my discord server to keep up-to-date! Make sure to give yourself the Minecraft role (!rank minecraft) so you'll be notified of new releases and so on!






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