Functional Aesthetics

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Functional Aesthetics


This mod was designed with a few key concepts in mind :

Functionality - Blocks should be useful, tons and tons of blocks that have no purpose is just clutter

Simplicity - All blocks should be simple to use, crafting recipes will never be complex with tons of nesting

Immersion - There will never be any GUI's for anything other than crafting

Configurability - Features and modules of the mod can be configured and enabled/disabled

Compatibility - All models are built off of vanilla textures, this allows the mod to look natural with any resource pack

Vanilla Aesthetic  - All models are kept simple to fit in line with the vanilla aesthetic, angled blocks are used sparingly to add detail and impact



This mod is currently in a beta state - features are still being added, this section will list completed features




Campfires will cook any food tossed beside them in a 1 block radius, any other items will burn.

(Default 4 items at a time, in 100 ticks)


Campfires can be made from any log type by simply using a Bow Drill on a placed log.

(Bow Drills can be crafted from a bow and a stick, and has 8 durability)

Campfires can then be converted to any of its stone pit variants by using cobblestone, granite, diorite, or andesite on the campfire.


Item Cooking


Item Burning


Default Resource Pack


Unity Resource Pack


Coterie Resource Pack


In Progress

Current features in progress

Posts, Beams and Mounts (Posts, beams and mounts connect to each other like fences and can support other blocks)

Ropes and Chains (Attach to posts,beams, mounts and other objects)

Hanging Objects (Lanterns, Signs, Etc.)

Wells (Infinite water sources)

Brewing System (Brew vanilla potions in mass and store them for later)


Issues / Feature Suggestions

Please redirect any bugs or feature suggestions to the Functional Aesthetics Github Repo Issue Tracker under the label  "Bug" or "Enhancement"




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