Fun Ores

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Silent Lib is required for Minecraft 1.9+ (see Requirements section).


This mod adds an ore generation config system, which allows you to create ore veins of any block. Each vein can contain multiple types of blocks at varying weights.

A selection of mob drop ores is also included. Most drop the same things as there respective mob, but some of the rarer items are replaced with shards, four of which will craft into the full item.


Require Silent Lib in order to function. If downloading through the Curse client, it should download automatically. Otherwise, make sure you download the latest version!



Meat Ores (Peaceful Mob Drops)

These ores also drop other items from their relevant animal, such as leather and wool. Most of their loot tables just point to the loot table of their respective mob, but there are exceptions. You can modify these to drop additional items, or replace it entirely.

These ores are fairly rare by default.

Mob Ores (Hostile Mob Drops)

And there are also ores that correspond to hostile mobs! Like meat ores, they are fairly rare and have their own loot tables. By default, the Enderman ore drops Ender Shards instead of Ender Pearls. Four Shards can be crafted into one Pearl. Blaze, Ghast, and Phantom ore are similar, dropping shards instead of the full item.

These ores are fairly rare by default.







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