Full Slabs


Adds vertical slabs and mixed horizontal and vertical slabs to Minecraft. Also adds KleeSlabs-like behavior, which makes it so you can break each slab in half separately. Works with slabs from other mods, please report an issue to my mod if there's a slab that doesn't work with it.



  • Cloth Config
  • Malilib (optional)


  • Optifine/Optifabric.

Known Bugs:

  • BClib/BetterX slabs
  • If you use Sodium, you have to install Indium otherwise the game wil crash!


This is a Fabric mod. I will probably never make a Forge version, I apologize for any complaints. 

You are allowed to use this, free of charge and without permission, in any modpack of your choosing. 

[Support](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Micalobia "Buy me a coffee") is immensely appreciated, I would love to program full-time, as I have many other ideas!