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FTB Tutorial Mod (Forge)

This mod lets you create tutorials for your mod or modpack

You can see a list of all public tutorials by clicking the Tutorials button:

Tutorials are lazily-loaded from resource packs, so if you want to use this for a modpack, you will need to get Resource Loader mod.

For example, I will be using FTB Academy modpack paths, replace those with your own mod/modpack IDs.

Index file, located at ftbacademy:tutorials/intro/index.json (For modpack it would be resources/ftbacademy/tutorials/intro/index.json, for mod assets/modid/tutorials/intro/index.json)

{ "title": "The Introduction Tutorial", "icon": "item:minecraft:beacon", "pages": [ { "description": "Refined Storage", "layers": [ "0.png" ] }, { "description": "Welcome Banner", "layers": [ "ftbacademy:welcome.png" ] } ] }

Title and icon are optional, as are descriptions for each page. You only are required to set those for visible tutorials. It must contain an array of pages, which each must contain list of layers, which currently are strings of image paths, but later will have other features, like text or arrows. If image namespace is not specified (e.g. 0.png) it will load image from the same folder, otherwise, it will treat it as full minecraft image path.

Example visible tutorial file, located at ftbacademy:tutorials/visible.json: (For modpack it would be resources/ftbacademy/tutorials/visible.json, for mod assets/modid/tutorials/visible.json)

[ "intro" ]

This simply lists all tutorials that will be added to Tutorials gui.

How to open as modder/modpack creator?

As modpack creator you can run the command /open_tutorial ftbacademy:intro @p. As mod dev you can send IMC to mod FMLInterModComms.sendRuntimeMessage(modInstance, "ftbtutorialmod", "open", "ftbacademy:intro"); on client side or "openfromserver" as message ID on server side.