FrogCraft: Rebirth

12,822 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

FrogCraft: Rebirth is an entirely independent rewrite of FrogCraft, an IC2 and GregTech addon, themed with chemical industry.

Because it is an independent project, old documents of FrogCraft, if any, may not be correct to FrogCraft: Rebirth, but can be used as rough reference since most of tech tree is not changed.

It is recommended to use JEI to get more details about how to get started with FrogCraft: Rebirth. If there is any further questions, welcome to leave comments below.


Current contents include:

  • Advanced Chemical Reactor 
  • Air Pump & Liquefier 
  • Combustion Furnace 
  • Condense Tower
  • Pyrolyzer
  • Mobile Power Station
  • New Ores (Carnallite, Dewalquite, Fluorapatite)
  • Decay Battery (Creative only for now)
  • Ammonia Coolant (coolant component for ic2 nuclear reactor, made from renewable resources, WIP)
  • Fluid Storage Armor
  • Easter Eggs and more!


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