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Friends&Foes - Flowery Mooblooms (Forge)


Friends&Foes - Flowery Mooblooms


Flowery Mooblooms (Forge)


Friends&Foes - Flowery Mooblooms is a small addon for the Friends&Foes mod, adding one moobloom variant for each flower. Mooblooms can be found in meadow and flower forest biomes. You can check the wiki to get more information about the mooblooms.

Be aware that the main Friends&Foes mod is required to run this addon. Looking for the Fabric or Quilt version?


🐮 Moobloom variants


Azure Bluet

Allium Moobloom Azure Bluet Moobloom

Blue Orchid


Blue Orchid Moobloom Cornflower Moobloom



Dandelion Moobloom Lilac Moobloom

Lily of the Valley

Orange Tulip

Lily of the Valley Moobloom Orange Tulip Moobloom

Oxeye Daisy


Oxeye Moobloom Peony Moobloom

Pink Tulip


Pink Tulip Moobloom Poppy Moobloom

Red Tulip

Rose Bush

Red Tulip Moobloom Rose Bush Moobloom


White Tulip

Sunflower Moobloom White Tulip Moobloom


⚙️ Other addons / compat datapacks


💬 Community

Feel free to join our community at the discord server to chat, share your creations, ask any question or to simply be updated about the latest development of the mod and notified when the new release is out. Also don't hesitate to report any crash or bug via GitHub issues.


👋 Support

I will continue to develop my mods regardless of any support as it is my hobby, although most of my free time goes into development of my mods. So if you want to support me anyway, you can do that via Patreon or Ko-fi. That said, I do appreciate all of your support.


📜 License

The mod is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

Feel free to look over my code for examples of how i have implemented and solved various problems while writing this mod, incorporate snippets into your own code. Also feel free to use this mod in any modpack (although credit/link back to this page will be greatly appreciated).