Frankenstein Items

8,810 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

With this mod, you can mix and match any type of tool-material in creating pickaxes, axes, or swords to output your very own Frankenstein item!

Only vanilla logic is needed to understand how to use this mod, as there's not any new types of items, commands, or settings that you'll have to figure out (see below for a caveat to this in v1.3/MC1.12).

The number of uses, enchantability, and mining/attack speed are calculated based on the average of the used materials.
The harvest level and attack damage based on the highest tiered material used.



  • For v1.3/MC1.12, I removed the items that had two of the same material in a row - you can still use the same materials, but the duplicate materials just have to be on opposite ends.
    Example: While previous versions allowed for a Wood-Wood-Stone and a Wood-Stone-Wood (i.e. both containing 2x wood, 1x stone), now only the latter is craftable. Sorry for any confusion


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