2,419,358 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Framland is a mod that adds a block called "Farm Drit" & "Framland", it also adds an item called "Thunder Hoe")

Both blocks will need to be powered by RF inorder to work, the amount of RF that can be stored and how much RF per growth tick is used can be configured via the config file (Example Config).


You can craft "Farm Drit" by putting 2 dirt and a bone meal in a crafting table or your inventory.



To get "Framland" you will need to have a lightning bolt strike a "Farm Drit" block and it will change to a "Framland" block. "Framland" will also emit light so that your crops will grow even in the darkest of areas.


The "Thunder Hoe" cannot be crafted unless you or the pack maker has added a recipe.


Modpack Usage

 Feel free to use this mod in your modpack


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