Minecraft FPV






• Fly FPV in Minecraft!

• Find out what FPV is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZLimUDUJTA



• Check out the #tutorial in our discord for video tutorials.

• Install Forge 31.2 or above. It must be 31.2 or above in order to play multiplayer with this mod!

• To setup your controller/transmitter go into Minecraft settings: Options -> Controls -> FPV.

• On the FPV settings screen, you can change your controller's bindings.

• You can change your rates via the FPV settings screen.

• When in game, use your arm switch to enter and leave FPV mode.



Advanced Physics. Want to fly a whoop? Want to fly a 5 inch? Maybe an X-Class? Use real world parameters such as mass, motor kv and prop size to get different flight characteristics.

• Supports any controllers and radios!

• Betaflight Rates!

• Multiplayer supported.

• We have racing leaderboards and grief protection on our server! https://minecraftfpv.com 

• In game settings UI which make setup easy!


Minecraft FPV Server Spawn


Upcoming Features and Issue tracker: https://tracker.minecraftfpv.com