Forgotten Treasures

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Every cent I get from my curseforge pay until January 2022 will go towards Team Seas! Click the link on this image to donate to them!

Explore the past towns of an ancient civilization, explore monuments and harness the powers of the treasures that humanity have lost!

Monument of ruins and ruined towns will contain statues of different powers:

-War statue: harms nearby monsters

-Sea statue: gives a weaker version of conduit effect to nearby players

-Fire statue: shoots out a fire line if activated by redstone

You will find new mobs:

-Golden bull

-Ancient golem

A new block called urns will give out effects to nearby entities if you give the urn these items:

sugar: swiftness

rabbit foot: leaping

Blaze powder: strength

golden melon: healing

spider eye: poison

ghast tear: regeneration

magma cream: fire res

puffer fish: water breathing

golden carrot: night vision

turtle shell: turtle master

phantom membrane: slow falling

fermented spider eye: weakness

 You can find more images on the images tab!


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