Forgotten Lands

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This mod adds 6.5 new biomes to the overworld (6.5 cause one is a variant of another), along with some tools, weapons, and creatures.


(Below is a few lists listing out the features (And current notable bugs) in the mod (Images in the images section))



  • Dried Ocean/Dried Red Ocean (Basically a desert biome that spawns Salty Sand and ocean structures like shipwrecks and ruins)
  • Toxic Marsh (Basically a swamp biome that spawns pools of Marsh Poison)
  • Stellar Mountain (Basically an amplified world if it was confined to a single biome type (B I G  mountain))
  • Cavernous Wastes (Basically a wasteland with some shrubs, but a lot more caves underground than other biomes)
  • Red Algae Sea (Basically an ocean biome but red. Has the resources to let you dye Prismarine red)
  • Brine (Basically an ocean biome but super salty)



  • Blighted (Inflicts Poison on anything too close)
  • Algae Bloom (Not a "mob", but it is an entity technically. Drops Red Algae Blob)
  • Celestial Mage (Will give short Resistance and Regeneration if given a Celestial Shard/Gem)
  • Ancient Wood Golem (Will give 32 Bone Meal if given a Rose Crown)
  • Brine Fish (Has kinda erratic movement. Lol)
  • Biclops (Mini-boss that spawns in the Well Dungeon)



  • Salty Sand/Red Salty Sand (Gives Salt, spawns in Brine and Dried Ocean/Dried Red Ocean)
  • Sulphur Ore (Gives Sulphur, spawns in Toxic Marsh and Cavernous Wastes)
  • Celestial Ore (Gives Celestial Gem, spawns in Stellar Mountain)
  • Onyx Ore (Gives Onyx, spawns in Cavernous Wastes)



  • Salt Dagger (4 ATK, 2.5 SPD (+8 ATK to Undead & Witches))
  • Celestial Glaive (10 ATK, 1 SPD)
  • Celestial Book (Use under specific conditions to enchant Celestial Glaive with Cosmic Power (Which boosts damage at night))
  • Onyx Mace (12 ATK, 0.5 SPD)
  • Onyx Paxel (Can mine anything, Netherite efficiency)
  • Gilded Sword (6 ATK, 1.6 SPD. Basically an Iron Sword with the enchantability of gold (For a price))
  • Atlantian Staff (Lobs balls of water, slows and weakens entities)
  • Toxic Staff (Lobs balls of poison, slows and poisons entities and deals damage)
  • Celestial Staff (Shoots stars in a straight line, sets entities on fire)
  • Obstruction Staff (Sets up a wall of Magical Dirt around you)
  • Breeze Staff (Launches you a short distance upwards and gives Slow Falling)
  • Zephyr Staff (Launches you in the air and lets you float for a bit, giving Slow Falling afterward)
  • Dark Star Greatsword (8 ATK, 0.75 SPD. Lifts your target into the air before striking it with lightning)



  • Rose Crown (Lets you run faster on Grass and Rose Petal Carpet, or while holding Rose Buds (Can also be given to the Ancient Wood Golem for a gift))
  • Bejeweled Crown (Grants Strength 1 constantly)
  • Cloud Helmet (Makes Cloud Slimes passive and is a slight boost to a Gold Helmet)



  • Cloud Block (Negates all fall damage)
  • Cloudy Apple Sapling/Leaves (Grows a Cloudy Apple Tree/drops Cloudy Apple Saplings and Cloudy Apples)
  • Palm Sapling/Leaves (Grows a Palm Tree/drops Palm Saplings)
  • Rose Petal Carpet (Grants Speed 3 when standing on it while wearing a Rose Crown)
  • Fossilized Oak Log (Gives 1-2 Oak Planks when mined with a pickaxe (Gives 4 when put into a crafting grid))
  • Saltwater Extractor (Extracts Salt from Water when above it in any Ocean biome (Twice as much salt in Brine, Red Algae Blobs in Red Algae Sea))
  • Salt Crystal (Damages Undead and Witches that walk into it (Drowned remain unaffected))
  • Toxic Crystal (Poisons anything that walks into it)
  • Short/Clipped Rose Bushes (Can be sheared to get Rose Buds (This applies to normal Rose Bushes as well, but they'll become short ones))



  • Salty Foods (Higher saturation/hunger refill than their normal variants)
  • Brine Fish (Grants Hunger and Haste when eaten)
  • Cloudy Apple (Grants Jump Boost 3 when eaten (Also can be fed to Cloud Slimes to get Cloudy Slimeballs))
  • Celestial Shard/Gem (Can be given to a Celestial Mage to get short Resistance and Regeneration)
  • Sulphur (Can be used to make Gunpowder)
  • Bottle of Sulphuric Acid (Can be used to undye Wool)



  • Giant Nautilus shell (Spawns in Dried Ocean/Dried Red Ocean, sometimes has a chest)
  • Desert Oasis (Spawns in regular desert biomes, has Palm trees)
  • Toxic Marsh Dungeon (Take a guess where it spawns (Lol), has some loot)
  • Marsh Shelter (Spawns in Toxic Marsh, has some good starting stuff)
  • Toxic Spire (Spawns in Toxic Marsh, has some Toxic Crystals)
  • Red Sea Temple (Spawns in Red Algae Sea, has really good loot)
  • Celestial Mage House (Spawns in Stellar Mountain, has a Celestial Mage and a free Celestial Ore)
  • Meteor Strike (Spawns in Stellar Mountain, has a free Celestial Block, but surrounded by Obsidian)
  • Nature Pocket (Spawns in all biomes underground, has an Ancient Wood Golem and Fossilized Oak Logs)
  • Well Dungeon (Spawns in Cavernous Wastes, has a Biclops and some really good loot)
  • Cave Farmer House (Spawns in Cavernous Wastes, has a Farmer Villager and some crops)
  • Cave Fisherman House (Spawns in Cavernous Wastes, has a Fisherman Villager and some fish)
  • Cave Blacksmith House (Spawns in Cavernous Wastes, has a Blacksmith Villager and some ores)
  • Brine Shrine (Spawns in Brine, has a ton of salt (Also rhymes))
  • Cloud Island (Spawns in Stellar Mountain, has a Cloud Slime spawner and a bit of loot, along with Cloudy Apple Trees)



  • Projectiles from the Celestial Staff will get stuck in place if shot in water or if it doesn't hit a block for too long.
  • Cloudy Apple and Palm Saplings will grow through solid blocks when they grow. I'm still trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening, so in the meantime, don't grow them near anything important (And please don't abuse this bug. Lol).
  • Toxic Marshes don't spawn Lilypads. Not a huge deal, but it's something worth noting.


If anyone decides to use this mod, I really hope you enjoy it! I mostly made it for myself, but I wanted to share it with you guys too. This is my first decently sized mod. I had fun making it. ^-^

(Btw, I recommend using JEI with this)

(If you're curious why there is no Celestial or Onyx tool/armor set, it's cause I wanted some consistency with Spartan Weaponry, since I had planned on using it with this mod for my own modpack whenever I get a better computer, but now I just think the "specific use" approach is more appropriate. Lol)


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