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Have you ever had such that you crafted a lot of extra blocks and you had nowhere to put them, because of which they had to be thrown away. With this mod you will be able to return some blocks to their previous states.
-Slabs back to Blocks;
-Stairs into Blocks;
-Glass Panes to Glass;
-Clay into Pieces of Clay;
-Quartz Block into Quartz;
-Brick Block to Bricks;
-Wool into Strings;
-Sticky Piston into Regular Piston;
-Colored Carpet to White Carpet;
-Colored Carpet to Colored Wool;
-Walls back to Block;
-Stripped Logs into Logs
-Stripped Wood to Regular Wood;
-Dropper to Dispenser;
-Dispenser to Dropper;
-Melon to Melon Slices;
-Blue ice to packed ice;
-Packed ice to ice;
-Sticks to oak planks;
-Doors to it's planks(or iron);
-Buttons to it's planks(or stone/polished blackstone);
-Trapdoors to it's planks(or iron);

The list will be replenished, if you want to see something in this mod, then feel free to write in the comments.


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