Forge Your World (FYW)

37,610 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 4, 2020 Game Version: 1.11.2  

A port to 1.14 is currently in dev (This can take a long time)

Introduction to Forge Your World

Forge your world is a mod that aims to be self-sufficient.

But the problem is that a mod of this size, is taking time to develop, especially in lonely.

You can find several categories in this mod, food, tools and armor, resources, decoration, and lots of other things in the future.

this mod is made in france 



Discord to talk about the mod

content planned for future update

postion effect on terillium armor - done

Enderium Block - done

Red Diamond Block - done

Red Diamond Sword - done

Gem Purificator

Enderium Armor  - done

Red Diamond Armor  - done

christmas tree  - done

barrel for beer and other - done


Forge Your World: Armory


Forge Your World: Resource


Forge Your World: Decoration and other


Forge Your World: Foods


Forge Your World: Mystical


Forge Your World: Factory


 Youtube Playlist multilangues - Mod showcase in 1.12

Youtube Playlist multilangues - Mod showcase Under 1.12


 Old Description is for version under 1.12.2


Mod Showcase

Video by Kagemaru


Some screenshots !








Tools and Armor

If you want to help development you are welcome


You can ask me that I release a version in 1.9.4, 1.10.2 and 1.11.2


Join our discord here French and English(We have a little trouble for speak correctly)


sorry for my bad English, I am French and I am not very good in English



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