This project is deprecated in favor of  McLink.





v2.x is out now! v1.x is no longer supported, but should stay working. 

v1.x WILL NOT support anything besides Twitch subs.

The methods for whitelisting has also changed to be more secure! Please make sure you update all your information accordingly when updating past V1.2.0.4! Everyone that has already authenticated once SHOULD NOT need to do it again.


Forge Sub Whitelist lets your Twitch, GameWisp or Beam subscribers automatically whitelist their self for your servers! Follow the simple instructions on how to set it up, link your accounts and off you go!

Why is this better?

  1. You don't need to edit a whitelist ever! Like seriously, Set it up and forget about it!
  2. One auth, All servers. Once someone links their accounts it never needs to be done again regardless of whose server they are joining!
  3. No delay. No more do you need to tell people you need to wait X amount of time before they join! Its instant!

What it Do?

  1. Download and install the mod on the server.
  2. Follow the instructions for linking here:
  3. Link your subs to the same information above for linking their accounts.
  4. Enjoy playing minecraft with your amazing community!

The owner of the server (Whoever people are subscribing to) will always have access once configured. If they have anyone special they wish to allow on the server without a subscription they can OP or whitelist them and the subscription check is ignored.


Subscribers only need to auth once! This is not a single use list. If they have authed once in the past they can join your server straight away! 


NOTE: This mod edits the vanilla whitelist function and keeps it on permanently even if it looks like its off! There is no way to turn it off unless you remove the mod.


Since v2.2 there is support for multiple streamers per server. Being subscribed to one is enough to allow you on.


If you have any issues setting this up or have questions don't hesitate to open an issue


Something borked?

Get always up to date builds here or Use the Issue list!  Don't forget the crash log!