Forge Server Starter

48 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 8, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

Since many are currently having difficulty starting their FORGE servers with server-hosters,
I wrote this small JAR file, which takes over the functions of the .sh or .bat files..


The following make the JAR file

  1. check if the "libraries" folder exists
  2. check for a FORGE version in the "libraries" folder
  3. Open the Windows or Linux arguments file, depending on your system.
  4. start the server with the already given Java-arguments and those of FORGE
  • continuously check if the server is still online
  • Output the complete console of the started server
  • Passing commands to the server via the console

What is planned:

  1. automatically create eula.txt for faster startup
  2. restart the server faster with the command /restart, directly from the forge server launcher

    Any other suggestions feel free to write in the comments


How to install all this? (For example on

  1. Upload the Forge-Files (only the "libraries"-Folder)
  2. Upload the Forge-Server-Starter and rename to eg. "minecraft_server.jar"
  3. create an empty
  4. set Java to 16 in Settings > General
  5. Start your Server and enjoy Forge 1.17.x


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