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RecipeMash is a Minecraft Forge mod that adds some balanced recipes to improve your quality of life in Minecraft. I tried to make this mod as lightweight and balanced as possible, not adding anything that Mojang wouldn't consider adding. I made Spawners craftable, but only usable late-gate, and not easy to get. To get Spawners you'd need to have beaten the Wither, and to get the Spawn Egg's you need to obtain a mob head via a Charged Creeper blast. This should create a new dynamic of gameplay in which you can create new farms late-game that you previously wouldn't have been able to. Feel free to leave any suggestions for recipes or any sort of constructive criticism in the comments below. (This is my first mod uploaded to Curse.)


Recipes include:

- Rotten Flesh to Leather

- Saddle

- Horse Armor

- Flint

- Shapeless Bread Recipe

- Shapeless Paper Recipe

- Name Tag

- Wither Rose

- Monster Spawner

- Zombie Egg

- Skeleton Egg

- Creeper Egg

- Wither Skeleton Egg

- Enderman Egg





~This mod is created with MCreator~


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