Forest Mods

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Forest Mods is a Mod, that is a combination of two mods: Forest-Day and Modular-Machines.



Is that add a few of blocks and items. The goal of the mod is to make Minecraft more realistic.





The Campfire is a new tier of Furnace. That you need to build the old Furnace. It is a modular block.

You build that by place a curb on a other block.

It give two types of curbs. One Stone and One Obsidian. 


Resin Kiln:

Produced resin and tar from Wood and Resin(Item). Fluid output on top(Resin) and down(Tar).

Auto File:

File Wood.


Multiblocks(MultiBlock Structures)


Alloy Smelter:





[add] Dust and Posder

[add Strcuture] Air Heater and Blast Furnace

[add Machines] Coke Furnace, Burnint Generator, Fluid Heater, Fan

[add Tool] Knife and Knife Toolparts

[add] New Bus for Items and Fluids



[add] Structur Bricks

[add] Structur Input Buss

[add] Structur Output Buss

[add Structure] Alloy Smelter Structure

[add] Structur Metal Walls

[add] Coils

[add] Tools

[add] add Recipes for Machines(Charcoal Kiln, Alloy Smelter)

[add] add Recipes



[Fix] Fix Guis

[add] Charcoal Kiln recipes



add Tabs

add Auto File

add Resin Kiln

add Charcoal Kiln

add Recipes for Machines(Auto File, Resin Kiln, Charcoal Kiln)

add Recipes

add File Stone

add File Iron

add File Diamond

add Knife

add Tool Parts 

add Trunk

add Loam

add Ores

add Ingots

add Nuggets

add Nature Items

add Lubricant

add Fluids and Buckets(Tar, Resin, Steam)

add Waila Plugin

add Thermal Plugin

add IC2 Plugin

add Textures


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