Forbidden and Arcanus

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Uploaded Nov 17, 2021
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-Added Blacksmith Gavels:

A new mining tool. It has a chance to double ore drops. Blacksmith Gavels are also needed to start rituals in the Hephaestus Forge.


-Added Darkstone Pedestal:

Can display items. Also needed for rituals.


-Added Hephaestus Forge:

In order to get a Hephaestus Forge you need to build a multiblock structure (instructions comming shortly). The Hephaestus Forge is used to perform rituals, currently there are only rituals to get all types of enchanted books, in the future many more will be added. The items required for the ritual need to be placed on the Darkstone Pillars surrounding the Forge.  


-Added Test Tube:

Can be crafted by combining a potion bottle and a rune. It stores blood from killed entities.


-Added Arcane Bone Meal:

Fully grows the plant it gets used on.


-Removed Bone Tools:

They didn't really add anything so we decided to remove them. Arcane Bone Meal got added as replacement.


-Magical Farmland:

You now need to use Arcane Bone Meal on normal Farmland to create Magical Farmland. The crop doubling should now also work with mods that let you harvest crops with a simple right-click.



-Fixed Spawner Scrap not dropping from Spawners

-Indestructible Enchantment now correctly checks whether an item is enchantable or not

-Improved Edelwood Bucket compatibility with other mods

-Fixed Infernum Pickaxe ability not working

-Many code improvements (might improve performance)

-Many textures have been updated






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