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Ever wondered why minecraft didn't have bacon instead of boring pork chops, and why there isn't customizable pizza? Me neither!


The foodalypse features many new additions to minecraft, making eating actually fun.

Some food is customizable, some food can have added spices and toppings, and some food isn't in the game yet!

Some of our many foods are bacon, customizable pizzas, tomatoes, and much, much more.

This mod will have very frequent updates as I will be adding at least one food item every day. Note: This does not mean daily updates since I will probably add more food over a few days then release it all at once. Curse will have to also approve updates so that will delay the updates a little bit. Most textures are currently at 64 pixels or being updated to 64 pixels. For reference, all Minecraft's default textures are 16 pixels.


I am making this as part of the do something every day for a month challenge. The something is adding a food to this mod every day. I will probably continue updating after the month just not as frequent then.


Welcome to the foodalypse...



The BugFixes & Improvements update is here!





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