Food Mod Plus

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This mod aims to add useful foods without cluttering the game like some other food mods. Most recipes use vanilla ingredients or ingredients made with vanilla ingredients except for a few exceptions, such as the icecreams as they have their own special properties. This mod also aims to reduce mini-crafting by limiting items to one or two step recipes which is why chocolate isn't used to make chocolate icecream. Recipes are in the Images section.  Currently there is a French and Bulgarian translation in those languages; if any translation isn't correct, please leave a comment!


Current foods:

Burger - Fills you up (gives you slowness) but gives a lot of saturation and hunger points

Pancake - It's a pancake

Pancake stack - 6 Pancakes with syrup on top - can be placed and eaten like a cake

Syrup - Drink it for a sugar rush effect called "Mapled Up" for a quick escape - It gives you speed and heals you very quickly so you can tank damage while escaping, but it only lasts a few seconds - You also get

hunger and extreme weakness so you are very hungry afterwards and you cannot do any damage during or a few seconds after the effect.

Pizza - Place it down and slice it with an Iron Sword!

Pizza Slice 

Cheese - Used to craft foods with cheese

Vanilla Flowers - Used to craft glint juice and icecream - Generate in Savannas

Glint Juice - When you drink it, it gives you the Glowing effect

Icecream - Gives a lot of hunger, but not much saturation - Can be placed and forms layers (like snow), but cannot be picked back up. When walked on, layers will melt Can be made into a milkshake to improve its nutritional value

Chocolate Icecream - Same as the normal vanilla icecream but can be made into a milkshake to unlocks its effect

Sweet Berry Icecream - Same as the normal vanilla icecream but can be made into a milkshake to unlocks its effect

Sweet Berry Jam - Adds a use for sweet berries by crafting them into a jam which gives you the Berry Power effect which gives you a lot of strength but for a short time.

Sweet Berry Milkshake - Gives you the Berry Power effect for longer but also sets your health to half a heart 

Chocolate Milkshake - Heals you but doesn't give you any hunger

Milkshake - Just gives you saturation and hunger which is more than normal icecream

Fries - One fries item has three fries which can be eaten separately

Cheesy Fries- adds another bite to the fries





With more to come...



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