Fog World

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Fog World adds configurable fog to the Minecraft world.

About Fog World

This mod is intended for modpack creators or players who want to control Minecraft fog. Using the configuration options you can change the fog density (thickness) and the fog color. You can also blacklist certain biomes and dimensions from spawning with fog. 


Fog World also has the option of making the fog poisonous on direct contact, this is disabled by default but can be enabled in the config along with a few options to control the delay before damaging the player and damage amount dealt to the player by the fog.


This mod is meant to be as configurable as possible if you have any suggestions for more configuration options, feel free to suggest them and I'll be sure to add them.


Mod Compatibility

This mod has not been tested with (yet) but should work with Biomes 'O Plenty or any other biome/dimension mod. Biome and dimension blacklisting should also work for other mods as long as you know the biome or dimension name of the mod in question. 



This mod is licensed with MIT license.

TLDR: Yes you can use the mod in a modpack.



There are plans to add an API for other mods to use for adding better support, more info on this will come!


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