Flux (Forge Edition)

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Filename flux-4.10.0.jar
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Uploaded Mar 10, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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Flux (Version 4.10.0)

Requires Flux Library 3.1.0 - Download here

Flux Generator

You can add own catalyst items, hot and cold fluids with their factor and usage via a JSON file. Create a file in data/flux/values/fluxgen with approperiate name: - For catalysts (items): catalyst.json - For hot fluids: hot.json - For cold fluids: cold.json

Tags are supported. Just add # before its name.

Other fixes

  • Make JEI use ingots from Flux if any ingot tag is empty.

Other features (still useless but worth mentioning)

  • Multifactory accepts energy

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