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Flux Machinery for Minecraft 1.16.4 and 1.16.5

(Requires Flux Library)

Flux MachinesFlux EngineerFarmer BlockSignal Controller and Interactor Rail



Flux Machinery is a mod which provides energy implementation to Vanilla blocks (like Furnace) without additional items. It comes with useful machines that make item processing even more interestin

Mod adds copper and tin ores which can be processed into dusts, grits or ingots.



  • MF Tool - simple item which checks available energy in any powered machine.
  • Machine Base - craftable item used to craft machines



Block names may change in a future...

  • Flux Generator - Simple yet powerful energy generator. Can use catalysts, hot and cold fluids to generate unimaginable amounts of energy.
  • Grinding Mill - Grind items into smaller pieces.
  • Alloy Caster - Melting two items into one. Not only metals.
  • Washer - Turns items from dry to wet. No water needed. Useful for making concrete.
  • Compactor - Machine for compressing items. You can turn coal blocks into diamond.


Check Flux Machinery Docs for more information!


Important information

For players

Download the latest version, play modded Minecraft and enjoy. If you get any errors or ideas related with Flux Machinery, please report an issue.


For modpack makers

YES! You can use my mod in your modpack. Recent versions of Flux Machinery were tested with a few of tech mods. If it crashes because of another mod, report this as an issue.


For resource pack makers

Download flux-machinery-*.jar, unpack assets folder and make your own resource pack for Flux Machinery.