35,634 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 31, 2019 Game Version: Forge

For the versions using Minecraft 1.8 or higher, this requires the Cyclops Core library!

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This mod allows you to configure fluid groups in JSON config files that contain a set of fluids (with some optional properties) that can be converted to each other. For each fluid group a block will be added to the game which can accept all the fluids from that group on each side, right-clicking on a side with a fluid container from that group will enable output for that fluid on that side.


Note: Fluids can only be inserted in unbound sides, so sides without a configured fluid. This is to avoid infinite loops in fluid conversion.


More info can be found on the wiki.


GitHub repository


This mod collects anonymized startup data, this can be disabled in the config file and adheres to Minecraft's snooper settings.


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