Floor Mats

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Filename floormats-1.0.0.jar
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Uploaded Oct 14, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +2
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Floor Mats v1.0.0


Floor Mats adds 9 types of multiblock pressure plates called floor mats.

Wooden and stone floor mats act similar to their pressure plate counterparts.

Metal floor mats are only triggered by players.

Gold floor mats are only triggered by the player(s) that placed the floor mat.


Floor mats will pulse if a block under the floor mat is given a redstone signal from another source.


A command has been added: /floormats reset

In the event that the floor mat data becomes corrupted (not expected to happen, but just in case), this command will remove any data that no longer has a floor mat block associated with it.  Requires privilege to use.