Flexible Skills Mod

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The Flexible Skills Mod is a mod that adds a simple skill system to the Minecraft game.
With this mod, you can flexibly customize your character to match your playstyle and different situations.

  • Contains 90 passive skills which give various permanent effects to the players.
  • Press P key (by default) and open GUI to edit skills whenever you want.
  • You can gain the skills by spending just a little bit of exp. There's no need to unlock, just choose the ones you like.



When skilling, you'll need to combine the following three different types of skills: Positive Skill, Negative Skill and Unique Skill. Positive Skills have positive effects on players, Negative Skills have negative effects on players, and Unique Skills have neither positive nor negative, but unique effects. You must select as many Negative Skills as Positive Skills. Unique Skills are optional, but if you select them, the number of Unique skills must not exceed the number of Positive (and Negative) Skills.

When you die, you lose randomly selected floor((N / 10)^2) skills, where N is the total number of your skills. The skill loss will not occur if the gamemode is Creative or Spectator, or the keepInventory gamerule is set to true.

  • A list of all the skills is here: English / 日本語
  • Additional settings are available in serverconfig/flexible_skills-server.toml.
  • When we add new skills or make major changes, your already gained skills will be refunded at login as experience points.

This mod is available in English and 日本語.


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