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Welcome to Minecraft in the modern day!


FlenixCities aims to add many of the things you'd find in a city to Minecraft. When finished, it'll contain tonnes of features and functions to build your own living city, and eventually will even generate natural cities in the world (Not yet implemented!)

The mod uses a modular system, with only the base blocks, economy, and NPC system in the Core. The idea is that then anyone can easily extend and add to the mod, especially for things like the economy.


Right now, I consider the mod to be early beta. I have the basic decoration blocks implemented, as well as most of the economy system. NPCs are the next planned stage, when I have the time.

I work on this project in my own spare time, please do not pester for releases.



FlenixCitiesCore is simply a collection of pretty blocks to build modern cities with. It works great alongside my other mod FlenixRoads!



The Economy is the first functional part added to the mod. It consists of both a physical and digital aspect - money can be held both as an item in the world, and stored in a server/world-wide bank system.

Low amounts of money are dropped by mobs when killed directly (ie, not by grinders). This can then be stored in an ATM for digital safekeeping, and withdrawn later by using your debit card. Debit cards are given by Bankers, the first implemented NPC.

It's worth noting that currently bankers are creative-only and intentionally cannot be killed. They're designed for server use and we found little newbie players liked to kill them and ruin everyone elses day, so until respawning is implemented, they are unkillable.


There is also a shop system, with two variants of Floating Shelves shop blocks - player-owned and admin. The player-owned shop must be linked to a stock chest (which is secure to only that player), while the admin one will simply spawn in sold and destroy bought items. These work great on a server!

The economy is currently built for servers and multiplayer and isn't very useful in single player, however when world generation is implemented, I plan to naturally generate stores in the world. My economy will eventually replace the vanilla one in functionality.



My NPC system isn't implemented yet, but when it is you'll get full control over a variety of spawnable NPCs, designed from the ground up to work in both survival and creative situations (unlike other popular NPC mods which tend to be creative-only.) NPCs will cover everything from the town drunk throwing beer at you in the park to an armed military guard specifically defending your private stash of diamonds.



Finally, once the core is completed I'll be releasing official modules to focus on key aspects of cities. These range from things like a full recreation of the food system to allow complex cooking mechanics (Nearly complete), to building research facilities and space programs for dense ore production.



Work in progress. Make pretty cities. Earn the monies.



- Will you update to 1.8?

No, I'm skipping straight to 1.9, as are quite a few modders.

- X Feature doesn't work/crashes my game!

This mod is beta, there will be bugs, there will be crashes. Report them to me so I can get them fixed :)

- X item doesn't have a texture/recipe/the name is wrong

The mod is beta. Things aren't finished.

- Is this safe to use on servers?

Theoretically, yes. I've been using it on my server for over a year with no issues. However, there may be dupe bugs in the shop system that I've missed... I've tested extensively and not found anything, but I'll never rule out the possibility. You can use it, but don't cry to me if something goes wrong.

- Can I put this in my awesome modpack?

Sure, but you must must must tell me here and link your pack, and credit ALL mods in your pack, and have permission for them ALL. I probably won't reply when you link it, but I will certainly check it out :)


Questions & Support

I'll do my best to reply to questions etc here, but the best bet is to find me on IRC; I'm almost always in #silvania on esper.net. If you don't understand IRC, just click here to go straight there.


You can also like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, pledge to me on Patreon, donate to me on PayPal, and about 26 other social things.


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