Flat Colored Blocks - For Forge

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Flat Colored Blocks

A mod that generates a selection of simple colored blocks, transparent blocks, and glowing blocks ( all configurable ) for use in building and creative projects. Highly configurable with settings to adjust number of hues, values, and saturation, as well as min/max ranges.

Makes a great companion to one of my other mods Chisels & Bits:

http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/chisels-bits ( requires 1.5.1 or better ) which allows you to use the colored blocks as bits.

MCF Discussion Thread.


Requries: Forge

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I use this in my mod pack?
    • Yes.


  • The texture on the blocks isn't completely flat, can that be changed?
    • I choose to make use a slightly textured option as the default since I think it fits better with MC. However, there a several options you can use the mod configuration screen, such as flawless ( no defects ), stone, or hardened clay. If the options available do not suit your tastes you can also change the textures using a resource pack.


  • Why can't I see any blocks in the crafting tool?
    • Make sure you have dyes and cobblestone/glass/glowstone in your inventory, if you are missing either then nothing will be craft-able. Any dyes registered with the ore dictionary should be usable. ( if you can't find anything, check your configs, its possible to change the crafting ingredient. )
  • Can I change which blocks are used to craft them? or how many blocks I get per craft?
    • Absolutely, check the mod config gui, in the crafting tab you can change how many per craft, and which block is used to craft the item.


  • Why does this mod use so many block ids?
    • This mod uses block states to generate mod compatible blocks, this means that other mods can detect and use these blocks for advanced features, such as chisels & bits, micro-blocks, or other features. They are also much more lightweight than a tile entity based implementation. Effort was made to ensure that the minimum required block ids were used for the generated shades.


  • Can I increase or decreases the shades, or what if I only want brighter variations?
    • You can use the configuration screen to change the minimum, and maximum range for Hue, Value, and Saturation ( HSV Color space. ), as well as the number of variations for each color dimension. It is recommended to test your settings in a creative test world before accepting your choice.
    • Important Note: You should not change your settings in a world that is already using the mod, doing so will change the colors of the blocks already in the world. 


Crafting Tool Recipe:




Using the item crafted you just need to have dyes and cobblestone/glass/glowstone in your inventory to craft items after opening the items gui. Some blocks require a few dyes to craft so try different dyes to see all the options.

Crafting Table Helper Recipe(s) - Version 4.3+


Recpie is Shapeless, Flat Colored Block You want to make more of + Colored Block Crafter, and any required ingredients, only the ingredients are consumed by crafting.

Technical Notes:

This mod can use a large number of block ids if configured wrongly or if you want to have a large range of shades, just be aware.

No tile entities are used and all rendering is done using a single model + texture, this is done to ensure mod compatibility.