Fisk's Superheroes

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Become a skilled archer, using as many as 28 unique types of specialized trick arrows to hunt down your enemies...

Live the baker life, farming new crops and baking pizzas with nearly 9 million different combinations of ingredients, all with special effects!

Or become a powerful cosmic being and teleport to the Moon, living in solitude, watching the universe go by, perhaps while growing a Moonshroom or two...


Welcome to Fisk’s Superheroes!

A mod that adds superheroes with everything from super-speed, to flight, to energy beams, to even web-swinging!
With 65+ suits to date, more than 90 different powers, and a powerful system supporting user-made Hero Packs, the possibilities are virtually endless!


Getting Started

Creetles are hostile bug-like creatures that spawn during the night in most forests, and even more frequently in mega taigas, swamps, and roofed forests. During the day, they burrow into the ground if no players are nearby, never to be seen again.

They drop Creetle Shells, which are used to make Iridescent Gold:


Iridescent Gold is used to unlock suits in a node system, which is accessible through the Suit Database:


Left-click a node to navigate to it, right-click to select it

Suit Fabricators allow you to print a suit, when provided with the right materials and the blueprints. Suits created in the fabricator can only be worn and used by players who have unlocked it in the Suit Database.

Suit Data Drives can store the blueprints for unlocked suits, and can be inserted into a Suit Fabricator to print them. Right-click the drive on a Suit Database to transfer unlocked suits into the Drive.


Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to the mod, helping make it a reality. I couldn't have done it without you.
Kill3rCreeper - Skinning
Shue - Sound design
WaffleWarrior - Texturing + Misc. skinning
Gegy - Coding assistance


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