Fisherman's Trap


Fisherman's Trap is a simple mod, all it adds is a fish trap as a means to passively collect fish at the cost of crops. While I love fishing in Minecraft, I always found the amount of other loot made it an unreliable food source, especially with wanting decent quantities for recipes in mods such as farmer's delight. Feel free to recommend changes or improvements but this was originally just a mod idea for my own enjoyment.

To prevent making it excessively easy to produce fish the fish trap must be submerged in a water biome such as lakes oceans rivers otherwise nothing will be caught.

Recommended to use with Farmers Delight installed.


Which baits catch which items?

  • Bread -> Any Fish [Cod; Salmon; Tropical Fish; Pufferfish]
  • Beetroot -> Only Cod
  • Sweet Berries -> Only Salmon
  • Melon Slice -> Only Tropical Fish
  • Golden Carrot -> Only Pufferfish
  • Nothing in Bait slot -> anything from the minecraft:gameplay/fishing/junk loot table


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Thanks to Vectorwing for allowing me to derive the canvas texture and to the supplementaries team for letting me edit the stick texture to base the trap on.

if you need any help, discord link is here: https://discord.gg/3EjQQWKaTF