Fish Traps


Tiered Auto Fishing blocks.  


fishtraps now default to vanilla fishing loot table (unless another mod overrides that). Config option "useDefaultFishingLoottable" allows for custom loot table to be used from a datapack






Fish Traps must be surrounded by water on all horizontal sides


Fish Bait: item that the traps use to lure and catch fish.  Without it, fish traps are significantly slower (configurable)


 Config Options:

{trapType}TrapBaseTime = number; game ticks (20 = 1 second), before it will attempt to fish again
{trapType}TrapLureLevel = number; level of 'lure' the trap has
{trapType}TrapLuckOfTheSeaLevel = number; level of 'luck of the sea' the trap has
fishBaitDurability = number; durability level of fish bait (basically how long each one lasts in the trap)
shouldTrapHavePenalty = boolean (true or false); if the fish trap should have a time penalty applied if there is no fishing bait in the trap. 
trapPenaltyMultiplier = number; multiplier for the bait penalty. 
To better explain: if shouldTrapHavePenalty is true, and base time of a trap is 400, and trapPenaltyMultiplier is 40.  Then if there is NO bait in the trap, the average time per catch is 400 x 40 = 16000 ticks (about 13 minutes).  If there is bait in the trap it stays at around 400 (about 30 seconds) 
useDefaultFishingLoottable if the traps should pull from vanilla fishing loot tables, or from a datapack