Fish Traps

476,510 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 3, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

Tiered Auto Fishing blocks.  


All 3 fishtraps now have custom loot tables as of 1.16.  they can be replaced in a datapack with whatever loot table you want:





link to my fishtrap skyblock datapack as an example




Fish Traps must be surrounded by water on all horizontal sides


Wooden Fish Trap:  Reacts similar to a fishing pole with lure 1 - default loot table only catches fish

Iron Fish Trap:  lure 2 - default loot table catches fish & junk

Diamond Fish Trap:  lure 3 - default loot table catches fish & treasure


Fish Bait: item that the traps use to lure and catch fish.  Without it, fish traps are significantly slower (configurable)


 Config Options:

{trapType}TrapBaseTime = number; game ticks (20 = 1 second), before it will attempt to fish again
{trapType}TrapLureLevel = number; level of 'lure' the trap has
{trapType}TrapLuckOfTheSeaLevel = number; level of 'luck of the sea' the trap has
fishBaitDurability = number; durability level of fish bait (basically how long each one lasts in the trap)
shouldTrapHavePenalty = boolean (true or false); if the fish trap should have a time penalty applied if there is no fishing bait in the trap. 
trapPenaltyMultiplier = number; multiplier for the bait penalty. 
To better explain: if shouldTrapHavePenalty is true, and base time of a trap is 400, and trapPenaltyMultiplier is 40.  Then if there is NO bait in the trap, the average time per catch is 400 x 40 = 16000 ticks (about 13 minutes).  If there is bait in the trap it stays at around 400 (about 30 seconds) 



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