First Person Render

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Welcome to First Person Render mod!

Wanna more than a right hand? Then you must download this ,)


It brings your whole body in the FPS(default) mode in the game. So your FPS experience will taste more realistic!


And also, it will animate your hand when you manually drop an item(press Q) to make it more realistic!



This mod has configs. You can add any item from any mod to be rendered by default hands. For now you can do this. For example Modern Warfare mod, you can add all guns into config to be rendered by the default vanilla style to play it as it should be.


Press F4 to cycle through diffrent options


Vic's Modern Warfare mod compatibility: While using guns of that mod, press F4 and disable FPR arms so that will be fully compatible. There's 3 rendering modes by default. First mode is used by standard(by default, in the video also) and the second mode is the mode that i'm talking about.



Updated Real-First-Person-Render to 1.12.2. Most code is his.



Latest mod updated Forge version: 2705


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