Feruchemy by blits49

2,547 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Update to 1.2.0 now available! (List below)

This mod follows (as close as reasonable to) the Book Series "Mistborn", by Brandon Sanderson, and its Magic System called "Feruchemy"

Notes: Allomancy By legobmw99 needed. Can be found here.


 To Start:

        Make a metalmind by putting eight(8) Iron ingots in a square(like a chest). Then hold Metal_Flakes of the metal you want in your off hand, and hold your metalmind in your main hand. Right-click to add the metal flakes to the metalmind. Each Flake increases the maximum storage by 10 (configurable) of that specific metal only.


Open the GUI by pressing "N" (Default). Right-click to start storing attributes, and Left-Click to Use them! You can tap multiple times on metals to gain better effects, too!


Aluminum and FID: Storing in a metalmind "Keys" it to you, so that only you can tap the power stored within. But if you Store Aluminum first, the metalmind remains "unkeyed", allowing any Feruchemist to Tap is Resouces (good for Co-ops!) (Note this makes the metalmind unable to be keyed, even if all charges are removed)


Nicrosil is Pure power. If you Store here first, any charges gained by Storing other metals gets stored here, albeit at a reduced rate. But if you Tap here first, charges will be consumed here Before they are consumed by other metals.


Curios Compatibility This one is slightly tricky as you need to update your WORLDSAVE curio config to register the metalmind slot.

                 (world-save is in /.minecraft/saves/<WORLD>/serverconfig) OR (/.minecraft/versions/<versionchosen>/saves/<WORLD>/serverconfig)

         (To do that Replace EVERYTHING in the curios_server.toml file with:

#List of curio slot type settings


identifier = "metal_mind"

          (and you should now have a metalmind slot when you re-load your world!)


Version 1.2 Changelog

1. New Creative-Only Metalmind that has Infinite Charges Stored within it! Test these new features without having to store up charges!

2. Zinc Rework-No longer affecting Daylight, it's been revamped to work on Experience gain, where Storing nets a x0xp gain, and each level of Tapping returns x2/x3xp gain. (Partial Credit to CorruptTraveler)

3. Steel Running now allows you to travel up 1(one)-block high gaps, much like horses. Travel better without losing speed, Steelrunners!

4. WorldBreaking bug Finally Addressed: You can now RENAME metalminds w/o breaking your world! YAY!

5. Brass Tap2 now destroys Ice/Snow as level 1 does.

6. Chromium has fortune added to a Tap2 Effect, along with Luck 2

7. By popular request, unkeyed metalminds (I.E. FID 0000, where Aluminum is involved) now allow players to STOP tapping, much like normal metalminds!

8.  GUI Rework to better show metal's stored in an "equipped" metalmind



1. Some Metals now have a 4th Tapping tier only available by Tapping a metal AND Burning the same metal at the same time. The effects are stronger abilities/speed/Health so long as a metal is being burned.

2. Gold should now, when Compounding, make you practically invincible while compounding, and this WILL be rebalanced in the next update, soon (where Gold won't burn for NEARLY as long as it currently  does...I want to be SOMEWHAT PVP friendly.)

3.  Metals will still store at 10x their normal rate if you want to store the excess power instead-so no change there, but I want to remind you anyway :)

4.  Metals effected: Pewter, Iron, Steel, Zinc, Chromium, Gold, Electrum. (The other metals either don't have a Compounding benefit, or a Minecraft-equivalent (think about Tin, what would happen? better sight than seeing no shadows? Or Aluminum, where you [So far] can't Tap it anyway. Or bendalloy, that burns so fast you wouldn't see much improvement anyway)




I have more changes coming soon, including a pop-up reminder/guide as you hover over the GUI to remind you of metals' effects(Credit to Adran06 for the idea). And Copper fixes regarding exp loss. A quick-effect hotkey to pre-program metals to Tap/Store into with a click (like fast-tapping Iron to break a fall, or quick-tapping Pewter for a few seconds of extra Strength, provided you have the charges stored)(Thanks to hutonahill when that’s added). And a new metalmind that will allow a player to "Become" a feruchemist similar(ish) to allomancy's Lerasium (though this is non-canon, and Credit to Adran06 to sparking the idea to reality.)


As always, let me know of any bugs you find, or Ideas you have!
(And sorry about the Formatting -_-  This isn't particularly my forte...)


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