Ferdinand's Flowers

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Parrots & Flowers :)

1.12 Parrots and Ferdinand's Flowers

Fuchsia and Gladiola


Doubles & Others

Dyed Bricks & Slabs

Example Flower Dye Recipe

Only 32 flowers make dyes- one for each color.

Example Dye Brick Recipe

Example Dye Slab Recipe

Example Dye Glass Recipe

Flower Chart A - B

Flower Chart C

Flower Chart D - F

Flower Chart G - L

Flower Chart M - N

Flower Chart O

Flower Chart P

Flower Chart Q - T

Flower Chart V - Y

Craft the Flower Chest

Can be crafted with any of Ferdinand's Flowers Double Tall Flowers. (Not Sweet Peas)

Sweet Peas Recipe

Dyed Glass Panes Recipe

Flower Chest

Inside Flower Chest

Village Transformed

Sweet Pea Villa

Built with Sweet Peas, Dyed glass, Concrete and Dark Oak.

Blue Side

Hidden Light Block

Green Jungle Temple

Built with Dyed Bricks, Dyed Glass, Stone Bricks, and Light Blocks

Temple Floor

Purple Nether Portal Room

Built with Dyed Bricks, Dyed Glass and Concrete

New Mushrooms

Give off a slight glow

New Mushroom Models

More Mushroom Colors

Cherry Group

Sunflower Plains

Birch Forest View

Corydalis Group

Blue Group

Mushrooms and Iris

Red, Pitcher and Maroon Groups

Fuchsia Group

Pitcher Group