Fauna and Ecology

32,859 Downloads Last Updated: May 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Fauna and Ecology Mod is a mod that's first goal is adding more realistic versions of existing Minecraft animals and their wild ancestors (or domestic descendants, as is the case with wolves), and eventually entirely new animals. Flora and fungus will also be worked on, but the focus is the fauna, at least for now. 


Currently this mod adds the new horse, donkey, pig, sheep, llama, chicken, duck and cow along with their ancestors, and some horse relatives. All animals have needs based off of the Fossils and Archeology Mod, primarily hunger and happiness. Animals also have sexes and will naturally breed on their own, leading to dynamic populations in the wild. They will need to be tamed and are otherwise feral or wild, and after a few tame generations the newest offspring will be domesticated and become more useful and compliant.


Animals also drop their own meat, skins, bones, and fat which will tie into the Fossil and Archeology Mod DNA system when they update to 1.12 (which they're currently attempting to do). There is comparability with several mods and ore dictionaries, including some foods from Biomes O Plenty and Dynamic Trees, more will be added in time. There are also options for Flint tools and other crafting tweaks to better accommodate a primitive start and make use of the new animal drops. 


This mod is highly configurable and all (and I do mean all) features can be enabled and disabled at will, meaning basically any aspect can be taken out if you so desire. Features including enabling vanilla hand breeding or disabling hunger. You can even just use the mod to give vanilla animals new drop options.


  • AnarchCassius - coding, design
  • cheetahman123444 - modeling, texturing
  • Doctor Hyena - modeling, texturing
  • Evo - modeling, texturing
  • sargeantsatan - modeling, texturing, design


Discord Link (updated): https://discord.gg/FMykPgJ




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