Farmer's Delight

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Filename FarmersDelight-1.16.5-0.5.1.jar
Uploaded by vectorwing
Uploaded Oct 24, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 2.41 MB
Downloads 1,470,286
MD5 9bd2c7faa4300b44ba9ae2fad0cc0d96
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions



  • This update rolls back recent package changes which caused add-ons and integrations to break.


  • Added JEI information tabs to Knives and Ham;
  • Added mushroom_colony_growable_on tag: blocks that allow Mushroom Colonies to continue growing until mature;
    • This tag DOES NOT make the block form colonies! Only Rich Soil can do so for now;
  • Added compatibility with Create's Potato Cannon!
    • Cabbage packs a punch, but is cumbersome to reload;
    • Tomatoes are light, rapid-fire and embarassing to get hit by;
    • Onions are mostly the same as potatoes;
    • Whole pies work like the Pumpkin Pie. Their slices (and Pumpkin Slices) can be fired rapidly instead.


  • Cooking Pot and Skillet are a bit easier to break by hand;
  • Melon Popsicles now douse flames when consumed, instead of giving Fire Resistance;
  • Updated ja_JP translation (thanks, CKenJa!)


  • Fix Skillet not saving total cooking times, making it cook items rapidly on world reload;
  • Fix a class mismatch that broke Industrial Foregoing's Hydroponic Bed integration.