Farmer's Delight

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Filename FarmersDelight-1.16.5-0.4.2.jar
Uploaded by vectorwing
Uploaded May 2, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 1.16 MB
Downloads 157,310
MD5 8da248a6253ad616553c86ce5d52ef32
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  • Full migration to 1.16.5, due to crucial Forge updates;
  • Added custom CraftTweaker support, courtesy of Eutro!
    • Custom methods for adding Cooking Pot recipes, with optional container fields;
    • Custom methods for adding (and removing) Cutting Board recipes, with ToolIngredient compatibility;
  • A few experiments with Tree Bark:
    • 3 Tree Bark can now be crafted into 1 Paper;
    • Tree Bark now smelts 1 item instead of half an item, making it a reliable "unit" fuel;
  • Small update to Rich Soil Farmland, allowing Botania Floating Flowers to not trample it;
  • Cabbage Rolls now consult the tag farmersdelight:cabbage_roll_ingredients for valid fillings (thank you, bagel!);
  • Added config option for changing Rich Soil's chance of boosting crops every random tick (0.0 disables boosting entirely);
  • Improved loot modification for knife actions:
    • Pies now drop all remaining slices when mined with a knife, similar to a Cake;
    • Loot modifier for this mechanic is now open to pack makers;
    • Knife Scavenging (e.g. leather from cows etc) has been moved away from loot injections, improving datapack compatibility;
    • For the time being, due to a technical hurdle, Hoglins will only drop 1 Ham, regardless of Looting;
  • Updated translations:
    • zh_tw (thank you, Pancakes0228!)