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194,416 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 3, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2
Welcome to Far From Home 5
Floating Snow Bug

The floating snow bug is caused by a corruption inside the "OpenTerrainGenerator" folder inside your "mods" folder. This corruption is created when you load Far From Home without Biome's O' Plenty installed. In order to fix this you simply need to delete the "OpenTerrainGenerator" folder and restart minecraft so that the folder can be regenerated. Starting a Far From Home world without Biome's O' Plenty installed will break the mod, do not create a Far From Home world without Biome's O' Plenty installed. 


What Makes Far From Home Different And Why/How Did I Make This?

In The Beginning..


Years ago I was a Minecraft player just like you. After exploring countless worlds with my friends, slaying the Ender Dragon, and mastering redstone, I found myself exploring the great catalog of user created mods. While my favorites were definitely Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, and Botania, I felt myself completely unable to commit to a fully modded long term survival playthrough until I decided which terrain mod to use. 


The obvious choice seemed to be Biome's O' Plenty. It was, in my opinion, the best mod for upgrading the vanilla generation without changing the style of the game. The added blocks are all very nice and relevant to the theme of Minecraft, and have great texture pack support. I really have no complaints about Biome's O' Plenty, as it seems to do exactly what it is trying to do. 


For a while I settled on Realistic Terrain Generation. RTG blew my mind. I was stunned at how clean everything looked. What's more, you can even use Biome's O' Plenty alongside RTG, and RTG will generate a whole slew of additional biomes each accounting for a BOP biome. My complaint with this mod is that in order for RTG to uphold its integrity of cleanliness, the terrain is inherently too large scale for survival gameplay. There is a lack of detail. Mountain slopes are mostly flat and dome shaped, peaks are often just domes, most forests/jungles/etc.. are very flat. On top of this, I found that when biome transitions are smoothed out without jagged edges, allowing for mountains to switch to forests seamlessly, the (grass -> sand) or (grass -> snow) jagged border transitions become much more apparent. I found myself spending hours and hours trying to tweak their climate system, trying to prevent all jagged borders all together, but failed.


Alternate Terrain Generation was next. While ATG has a very obvious lack of terrain variety, rivers, and a lot of other things. It was still greatly considered for it's consistently great landscapes. While the main lesson I learned from RTG was to keep a small scale, ATG taught me that terrain can still be large and jaw dropping, so long as it is detailed up close. 


Finally I discovered Biome Bundle and Open Terrain Generator. Biome bundle, in my opinion, is like Biome's O' Plenty, an attempt to make vanilla Minecraft better without changing the overall style of the game. Unfortunately, I found that there were way to many choppy biome transitions, so many that I couldn't really stand the terrain. 


So I tried learning OTG..


Open Terrain Generator is really a fantastic tool, or even set of tools. OTG is pretty much an interpreter for the Minecraft code which generates terrain. An i/o file read/write system which allows you to edit various aspects of terrain generation. The maximum potential/most learning required terrain generator. This is what I was looking for, but the question is, can it do what I want? Or more specifically, is it possible to overhaul Minecraft terrain generation into a greatly superior style using just alterations in the vanilla generator alone?


My first, and most difficult task, was to emulate the seamlessness of RTG using OTG. This was not easy. I spent well over one thousand hours testing various methods, coming up with my own theories, and failing over and over again. The solution? Take every single part of the terrain generating algorithm that causes any sort of change over biome borders, and zero them out. I say "zero them out" and not "set them to zero", because setting them to zero wouldn't be enough. Simply put, if variables x,y,z are 2,6,7 in biome 1, then all other biomes use the same values for those same variables. This might seem obvious, but doing so is unintuitive as it almost completely inhibits your ability to cause changes from one biome to the next, pretty much forcing a single terrain style across the whole world. While it sounds like a failure, the look of the terrain when setup like this made me sure that I was onto something, all I had to do was emulate changing terrain styles while already using so many resources to emulate RTG's seamlessness. Whew..


One of the major variables left in play to be changed biome by biome, was volatility. Typically, volatility is weighted against other variables to create chaos. I found that increasing this number much more than you're typically supposed to, drastically changes terrain in unpredictable ways... Now let's take a step back and think, does a computer know what realism is? nope. Does a computer know what chaos is? nope. So in theory, what is stopping somebody from taking the time to balance all variables properly so that the range of volatility values happens to create a variety of relevant and natural terrains? This was my thought process, and it wouldn't be for another 2 years of on and off development that I actually had my epiphany moment and solved this impossible task. 


Far From Home 1, the beta


Looking back, years ago when I was first discovering the world of terrain mods, never did I think I would release one worthy of any recognition whatsoever. Yet there I was, with a terrain mod which achieved the seamlessness of the most seamless mod, RTG, built on the most customize-able platform, OTG. On top of that, the end result of my techniques so far would generate some of the nicest looking mountains and caverns ever seen in any procedural generator in any game. Approximately two months after release, AsainHalfSquat, a prominent youtuber, ranked Far From Home as being the number one terrain generator in the world. To be honest I knew it would happen at some point, but the satisfaction was unlike anything else. 


The problems with FFH1 were vast. Firstly the terrain was too large scale. It wasn't giant, but there was certainly a lack of detail. There weren't many biomes, but it was the beta. The world height was intentionally set to 112 to allow for some underground stuffs, but this was later scrapped as moving the world height to anything but 63 (water level) comes with a lot of issues. Almost no mods were compatible. In order to load FFH properly you had to extract the file and install it with its own process, in addition, a specific version of Biome's O' Plenty was required, which caused a lot of confusion. All said, FFH1 was a great first step to what would become truly the greatest terrain generator in the world. 


Far From Home 2, improvements and experiments


FFH2 saw a slight increase in the number of biomes, but most notably an increase in their quality. I also experimented with making the biomes themselves smaller, but this turned out to be a flawed route of development. FFH2 was the first version to be compiled into its own .jar, making installation as easy as any other mod. 


It was with the release of FFH2 that I made a call to action. Far From Home needed to be a team. While there were many things that I had to do myself, There are many assets to be built, mini projects to work on, that I could not consider myself skilled enough for. It didn't take long to assemble a small team, who've now made all the difference. 


Far From Home 3


Far From Home 3 was a masterpiece build of FFH2. This version took the world as it was, and upgraded every aspect. There weren't too many new feature to speak of, but mod compatibility was much greater with this version, and the Far From Home team was well established at this point. The main issue that still existed with the mod, was scaling. The world still felt too large, and therefor, too empty. Sure, we could've skipped to adding small structures everywhere to fill things in, but my approach is like Jeff Bezos, to perfect every step of the process before moving on. I wanted to have the perfect terrain, before adding to it.    


Far From Home 4, time for great innovations


The development of FFH4 saw many sleepless nights. The whole terrain was rebuilt from scratch, over and over again.. FFH3 took things as far as they could go on that terrain, and I just was not satisfied. Part of what ATG taught me was the importance of abstract features to create natural terrain. The key word here is natural, not realistic. Realism is a constraint. So long as things look natural, then the illusion of a procedural world that looks handmade can be kept. "Life-Like" Realism, to be specific, will be generated from time to time randomly on a terrain comprised of natural details. 


This re-write still uses the same technique of using volatility to make relevant terrain features, however, the goal was to create a more abstract and interesting terrain, rather than realistic. Small scale abstract naturalism seems to be best for a mix of gameplay and epic scenes.


This was also the first monetized update. FFH updates are published under a delayed release. Patreon supporters get the mod on time. This has allowed me to pay my team, and grow the project even further than it already has.


Far From Home 5, a very big update


FFH5 took the abstractness of FFH4 and dialed it back to allow for more incredible mountains, and a more consistent, less polarizing terrain generator. This update also finally moved the water level back to 63 and the world is now organized into continents with oceans. FFH is now compatible with most mods out there. If you miss the abstract feel of FFH4, have no fear as FFH5 introduces 3 new dimensions, one of which is a remake of FFH4's terrain. FFH5 also introduces the first real build of FFH vanilla, a version of FFH which only uses vanilla biomes and blocks. 


So why do I do this?


Well first of all, it's fun! I've developed my own form of art which is seen and literally explored by thousands of people every month. As you know though, I've been developing this for many years now, long before it was a Minecraft mod. I was a player just like you. I wanted to explore a perfectly generated infinite terrain in a game which is designed to be timeless. This "perfect procedural terrain" didn't exist at the time, and so through my own motivation, passion, and perseverance, I brought it into existence. Far From Home is still nowhere close to complete and will see at least 4-5 more major updates before I myself am satisfied. We will be available for newer versions of Minecraft as soon as OTG updates, which they are working on. I am passionate about being number 1. I have a very competitive attitude. I have combined the seamlessness of RTG with the epicness of ATG, added compatibility for Biome's O' Plenty, and squeezed it all into a small scale package without any loss of integrity. We will soon be revamping our biome design and adding structures somewhere down the line in order to compete with that part of Biome Bundle.  


About FFH5

Far From Home 5 features..

A continental world with a water level at y-63, yes this finally means oceans

A less extreme terrain featuring more "realistic" mountains to appeal to all players

Far From Home dimensions are now implemented

    - Far From Home 5 Basic exists for players who experience the "not enough biome ids" crash. (removes the abstract dimension)

    - The initial loading of a dimension can take over a minute. After the initial loading, dimension switching is faster, with instant loading if your settings aren't too high. 

Far From Home dungeons are now implemented

Many new biomes 

Improvements to every existing biome

Far From Home Vanilla

    - Exists for players who want the Far From Home terrain, but with vanilla blocks and biomes only 

    - Far From Home Vanilla is Dynamic Trees compatible

Compatibility with mods which add structures to generation specifically to vanilla biomes only, like AW2


Important, do not load Far From Home Vanilla with Biomes o' Plenty installed, and do not load the Biomes o' Plenty version without Biomes o' Plenty installed. Doing so can corrupt worlds, and will require an entirely fresh install of Far From Home. It is advisable to use each version of FFH in its own environment for this reason.


The New Terrain

This should feel very small scale, in line with what a sandbox game should be

While being able to transition seamlessly to great mountain ranges like these

New biomes such as the Roofed Forest

And the Bonsai Jungle have been added


FFH Dimensions

The first dimension, The Abstract, is reachable through a simple cobblestone portal. Includes an abstract version of every over-world biome. This dimension has lots of land bridges, naturally forming caverns, floating islands, etc.. You can re-spawn here, and The Abstract may be selected as your initial home world with every other dimension loading with it. The portal frame for the main FFH dimension would be smooth stone in this case. 

The second dimension, The Frost, is a barren arctic, reachable through a chiseled stone brick portal. This dimension has the same movement factor of the nether, but currently no other special mechanics. You cannot re-spawn here.

The third dimension, The Great Below, is our take on a mining dimension, reachable through a chiseled quartz portal. Here you will find a mix of giant caves and caverns, an increased ore frequency, and mobs practically everywhere. You cannot re-spawn here.

If you play Far From Home long enough to safely traverse The Great Below, I sincerely thank you.


Far From Home Dungeons

WIP, Coming Soon!



FFH5 Biomes


About FFH4


A Completely revamped terrain featuring endless small scale changes built on a multi-directional axis



The possibility for land bridges of all shapes and sizes to generate naturally as part of the whole terrain



Uniquely detailed cliff faces



Incredible river, however I admit this is a superior example



Mountains are now much more diverse and less consistent than previous versions, yet they can still look very nice




Everything fits together as if it were all a single biome, this is the most seamless version of FFH yet!



Clay cliffs overlooking watercaverns, with a nice mountain range in the distance





Please Support Us While We Develop FFH6! 

 ------> https://www.patreon.com/FarFromHomeMC <------

Installation Instructions
Far From Home 5/4.0 requires Open Terrain Generator V8.3
Far From Home 5/4.0 also requires the latest Biome's o' Plenty for 1.12.2 (Unless you're using Far From Home Vanilla) 


Simply drag and drop all required mods and FFH into your mods folder






To Use On a Server

Set level-name to "Far From Home 5" or "FarFromHome4" depending on your version

Set level-name to "Far From Home 5 Vanilla" for the vanilla version

Set level-type to OTG



I Am Currently Recruiting For FFH6!


Far From Home 6 will require a lot of creativity. Essentially we are finally at the stage where it is time to greatly increase the number of biomes. While this is something I can absolutely accomplish with the team I currently have, I would love to have as many talented, and motivated, individuals as possible. If you are somebody who would like to build objects such as trees, mushrooms, boulders, etc.. or if you are somebody who would like to help compile such assets into wholesome, rich biomes, then please reach out to us through our discord. There is no coding experience necessary, and I can pay you for your contributions. 



Video Showcases/Tutorials


AsianHalfSquat top ten countdown - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33PpduLhSTA&t=1s






The Team, everything would be impossible without these two


      • Mchetvorkata - tree builder, logo designer, all around very helpful
      • Zedd - tree builder, dungeon architect, asset builder


The original tree builder, the mod wouldn't exist without him






To get screenshots like mine use seus renewed with Atmospheric Density set to 0.5, Tonemapping Curve set to 6.0, Saturation set to 1.5, and Image sharpness set to 1.0



Known/Recommended Compatible Mods


Worley's Caves

Mo Creatures

Dynamic Trees (Requires FFH5 Vanilla)

Botania (Initially the flowers will spawn at an absurd frequency. In order to fix this set "I:worldgen.flower.density=1", "I:worldgen.flower.patchChance=3000", "I:worldgen.flower.patchSize=2", "I:worldgen.flower.quantity=1", and "I:worldgen.mushroom.quantity=1" inside the config. Editing the config text file did not work for me personally, however it worked perfectly when I used the in-game config menu inside the in-game mods menu)

Rougelike Dungeons


Ancient Warfare 2 (requires version 5+)

Recurrent Complex (you might have to disable the trees by setting "S:baseWeight_tree=0.0" inside the recurrent complex config)

The Betweenlands

Ferdinand's Flowers

Astral Sorcery

Exotic Birds

Just a Few Fish


Thermal Expansion

Underground Biomes

Tinkers Construct



Thank you and I hope you enjoy!




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