Far From Home

Far From Home 7 Features..

A completely seamless terrain built to feel small scale, as a sandbox game should be.

A zone system, which is used to organize the dozens of handcrafted custom biomes.

A set of over two-hundred tree models, all growable throughout their respective zones.

A system of interlocking dungeon pieces forming some of the best dungeons ever seen.

Important, please read installation instructions before installing



About Version 7 - Discord -> https://discord.gg/9sDskp7wx8

Far From Home 7 is by far our largest update to date. Not only have we greatly increased the number of biomes, but their quality is also much higher. Exploring Far From Home, you will experience dozens of forests, about a dozen deserts, about a dozen snow biomes, many jungles, many mesa biomes, unique underwater chasms with underwater volcanos, a multitude of ocean biomes, and gorgeous mountain ranges of all kinds. What's more, every single biome interconnects as if they were all a single biome, while still producing sharp, natural terrain changes with atmospheric colors. We even have a very unique, and natural looking system of snow layers throughout our snow biomes. 


Team Far From Home rejects low effort techniques which tend to produce boring, flat terrains. Our biomes are designed to feel small scale. This is done to keep things feeling as vanilla and manageable as possible. No version of this mod will ever feel stretched out or large scale. 


Biome's O' Plenty has been gutted from the mod, and replaced by Oh The Biomes You'll Go. I don't think I need to explain this, as Oh The Biomes You'll Go is an all-around upgrade. The blocks are better, the foliage is better, and the nether/end are absolutely breathtaking. AOCAWOL, the owner of BYG, has been collaborating with me directly, and has been very helpful throughout the process. A special thanks goes to the BYG team for, of course, creating their mod, and allowing me to utilize their work to create a better Far From Home experience. 


None of this would be possible without Team OTG. The amount of work that goes into creating OTG is quite astonishing, we are very lucky to have a group of people out there who are willing to dedicate so much of their time to produce a better Minecraft experience. A special thanks goes to Audun. He is the member of Team OTG who I communicate with for practically everything OTG related. He is responsible for many FFH features, including the ability to grow custom tree models with mod added saplings. Without him, Far From Home would not be where it is today. 


At the point of V7, this project is the culmination of thousands of hours of work over many years. So without any further waiting, I am very pleased to release the seventh major update to Far From Home. Please Enjoy. 



Far From Home 7 Installation Instructions
Far From Home 7 requires Open Terrain Generator for 1.16.5
Far From Home 7 also requires Oh The Biomes You'll Go for 1.16.5 
Loading Far From Home 7 without Oh The Biomes You'll Go will result in unintended results
Simply drag and drop all required mods and FFH into your mods folder
Once in game, select OTG as your world type and customize it to the Far From Home 7 preset





FFH6 Installation Instructions

Far From Home 6 requires Open Terrain Generator v9
Far From Home 6 also requires Biome's o' Plenty for 1.12.2 
Loading Far From Home 6 without updating OTG v9 will result in unintended results
Loading Far From Home 6 without Biome's o' Plenty will result in unintended results


Simply drag and drop all required mods and FFH into your mods folder





To use on a Server

To Use On a Server

Set generator-settings to "Far From Home 7" or "Far From Home 6"

Set level-type to "OTG"


Far From Home 7 Screenshots (RTX)


Far From Home 7 Screenshots



Far From Home Dungeons Screenshots (Created 100% by Zedd)






Zedd - tree builder, dungeon architect, asset builder


Mchetvorkata - tree builder, logo designer, all around very helpful


Springstof - https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/template-custom-trees-download/

^The original tree provider 



Thank you and I hope you enjoy!