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124,076 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
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Looking for New Assets/People Willing to Build Assets (trees, boulders, etc..)  Thank you to everybody who have already contributed thus far. This update would not have been possible without the help of Mchetvorkata, who also made the FFH logo. We are a growing team and would love the help of anyone who would like to design the future biomes of Far From Home.    
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Far From Home 3.5 is now released



New Features
  • Far From Home is now compatible with a large number of mods! Including Mo Creatures and Worley's Caves
  • A world option for players who use Biomes O Plenty, and one for those who don't
  • A great increase in biome variety
  • Much improved rivers/added oceans/underwater cliff features
  • A complete rebuild of the lower terrain
  • Refreshed caverns and mountains
  • New cave system
  • Vanilla style ore generation
  • Many new trees


Download Instructions


Far From Home 3.5 requires Open Terrain Generator V8 

If you plan on using the Biomes O Plenty world option, then Biomes O Plenty is also required


Simply drag and drop all required mods and FFH into your mods folder


The initial loading of the game may take a minute or two for the first time as OTG builds the necessary files for FFH

If Minecraft goes into a state of "not responding" just be patient as this is completely normal and will only happen once


At world creation, "FarFromHome" is vanilla FFH, and "FarFromHome_BOP" is the BOP compatible generation


If you are installing FFH into a minecraft directory where FFH already has existed, or some other OTG preset has existed, be sure to delete "OTG-Core" in your Mods -> 1.12.2 folder, and the old FarFromHome world folder inside the OpenTerrainGenerator -> Worlds folder






Video Showcases/Tutorials


AsianHalfSquat top ten countdown - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33PpduLhSTA&t=1s





      • The vast majority of trees used in this mod are made by this guy


The Team

      • Mchetvorkata
      • Thumpted
      • OHKO Bunny
      • Phalamy
      • Zedd
      • Zderpe




To get screenshots like mine use seus renewed with Atmospheric Density set to 0.5, Tonemapping Curve set to 6.0, Saturation set to 1.5, and Image sharpness set to 1.0


To use FFH on a server set "level type=OTG", "world-generator=FarFromHome", and "level-name=FarFromHome_BOP or FarFromHome" 


I recommend using Dynamic Trees, and using the config to switch all saplings to Dynamic Trees variants. That way, saplings will have a reasonable functionality


Known/Recommended Compatible Mods


Worley's Caves

Mo Creatures

Botania (Initially the flowers will spawn at an absurd frequency. In order to fix this set "I:worldgen.flower.density=1", "I:worldgen.flower.patchChance=3000", "I:worldgen.flower.patchSize=2", "I:worldgen.flower.quantity=1", and "I:worldgen.mushroom.quantity=1" inside the config. Editing the config text file did not work for me personally, however it worked perfectly when I used the in-game config menu inside the in-game mods menu)

Rougelike Dungeons


Recurrent Complex (you must disable the trees by setting "S:baseWeight_tree=0.0" inside the recurrent complex config)

The Betweenlands

Ferdinand's Flowers

Astral Sorcery

Exotic Birds

Just a Few Fish


Thermal Expansion

Underground Biomes

Tinkers Construct



Thank you and I hope you enjoy!




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