Far From Home

220,563 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 3, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2
Welcome to Far From Home 6
Far From Home 6 Features..

A completely seamless terrain built to feel small scale, as a sandbox game should be.

A zone system, which is used to organize the dozens of handcrafted custom biomes.

A set of over two-hundred tree models, all growable throughout their respective zones.

A system of interlocking dungeon pieces forming some of the best dungeons ever seen.

A multiverse featuring some more extreme terrains, which could not fit in the overworld. 


Important, please read installation instructions before installing 


Far From Home 6 Overworld Screenshots



Far From Home Multiverse Screenshots


The first dimension, The Abstract, is reachable through a simple cobblestone portal. Includes an abstract version of every over-world biome. This dimension has lots of land bridges, naturally forming caverns, floating islands, etc.. You cannot re-spawn here.

The second dimension, The Frost, is a barren arctic, reachable through a chiseled stone brick portal. This dimension has the same movement factor of the nether, but currently no other special mechanics. You cannot re-spawn here.

The third dimension, The Great Below, is our take on a mining dimension, reachable through a netherrack portal. Here you will find a mix of giant caves and caverns, an increased ore frequency, and mobs practically everywhere. You cannot re-spawn here.

The fourth dimension, The Umbran Deadlands, is accessed through an andesite portal. This is a work in progress and currently only serves as a home for the umbran trees. You cannot re-spawn here.   


Far From Home Dungeons Screenshots



Please Support Us While We Develop FFH7! 

 ------> https://www.patreon.com/FarFromHomeMC <------

Installation Instructions
Far From Home 6 requires Open Terrain Generator v9
Far From Home 6 also requires Biome's o' Plenty for 1.12.2 
Loading Far From Home 6 without updating OTG v9 will result in unintended results
Loading Far From Home 6 without Biome's o' Plenty will result in unintended results
When updating OTG to v9, be sure to delete "OTG-Core" from your "mods" -> "1.12.2" folder
When updating FFH to v6, be sure to delete the "OpenTerrainGenerator" folder from your "mods" folder
Note, this will effectively delete old versions of Far From Home, breaking old FFH worlds


Simply drag and drop all required mods and FFH into your mods folder





To get screenshots like mine use seus renewed with Atmospheric Density set to 0.5, Tonemapping Curve set to 6.0, Saturation set to 1.5, and Image sharpness set to 1.0



To Use On a Server

Set level-name to "Far From Home 6" 

Set level-type to "OTG"



For Modpacks

Note the line for setting dimension id in the World Settings menu for each non-home dimension, after selecting the Far From Home 6 preset in world creation. If you experience a crash due to dimension id allocation, simply change these numbers to something that would be unused, like 105 and 106.


If you need to hardcode the dimension id changes into world creation from the start, I recommend following the example in "FTB University". They use a "ModpackDefault.yaml" file which is inside a OpenTerrainGenerator folder inside the config folder.



Video Showcases/Tutorials


AsianHalfSquat top ten countdown - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33PpduLhSTA&t=1s






      • Zedd - tree builder, dungeon architect, asset builder
      • Mchetvorkata - tree builder, logo designer, all around very helpful

Springstof - https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/template-custom-trees-download/



Known/Recommended Compatible Mods


Worley's Caves

Mo Creatures

Botania (Initially the flowers will spawn at an absurd frequency. In order to fix this set "I:worldgen.flower.density=1", "I:worldgen.flower.patchChance=3000", "I:worldgen.flower.patchSize=2", "I:worldgen.flower.quantity=1", and "I:worldgen.mushroom.quantity=1" inside the config. Editing the config text file did not work for me personally, however it worked perfectly when I used the in-game config menu inside the in-game mods menu)

Rougelike Dungeons


Recurrent Complex (you might have to disable the trees by setting "S:baseWeight_tree=0.0" inside the recurrent complex config)

The Betweenlands

Ferdinand's Flowers

Astral Sorcery

Exotic Birds

Just a Few Fish


Thermal Expansion

Underground Biomes

Tinkers Construct



Thank you and I hope you enjoy!




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