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Filename fancymenu_1.3_MC_1.15-1.15.2.jar
Uploaded by Keksuccino
Uploaded Jun 6, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 535.09 KB
Downloads 75,333
MD5 fc2a7390d2a0139ab8689a42ecff5d50
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


- Added the ability to edit previously generated customization files/layouts (Accessible via the "Edit Layout" button at the top-right corner of menus)
- Added hotkey to toggle the menu customization overlay (menu info, button info, etc.; default = CTRL + C)
- Added config option to disable the default minecraft menu music
- Added config option to disable the text status in the animation loading screen
- Added the ability to set panorama images as menu background ("panorama = true" in the "texturizebackground" customization action)
- Added check for unsupported filename characters to prevent client crashs in the layout creator
- Paths for button textures of vanilla and custom buttons can now be entered manually again (not only via the file chooser) in the layout creator
- Custom buttons in the layout creator will now be saved even if its button action was not changed or edited (the default button action is now "openlink")
- Changed name of the customization action "renamebutton" to "setbuttonlabel" (The old one is still working, but should no longer getting used)
- ALL FancyMenu versions (MC 1.15, 1.14 and 1.12) are now fully localized
- Added customization action "sethoverlabel" to change the label of buttons if the mouse is over them
- Added customization action "addhoversound" to play a short sound if a button is being hovered
- Added variable "hoverlabel" to the "addbutton" customization action to define hover labels for custom buttons
- Added variable "hoversound" to the "addbutton" customization action to define hover sounds for custom buttons

- Improved localizations

- Custom vanilla button textures will no longer disappear in the layout creator when resizing the window
- The number of automatic button clicks for vanilla buttons will no longer get resetted in the layout creator when resizing the window
- Fixed size and position calculation including the calculation variables "%guiwidth%" and "%guiheight%" not working with the "movebutton" and "resizebutton" customization actions for vanilla buttons
- Fixed "openlink" button action not working in some cases when the systemtray was disabled in the config
- Fixed overlapping buttons getting clicked at the same time (now only one button can be clicked at the same time)
- Fixed vanilla buttons being at the wrong position when resizing the layout creator window and resetting the button's orientation
- Fixed UTF-8 characters not being displayed correctly with the "addwebtext" customization action
- Fixed some (mod) commands not working when sending them via the "sendmessage" button action
- Fixed paths of background textures being saved as full/absolute path by the layout creator
- Buttons of the main menu of the layout creator (Add, Save, Close, etc.) can now being clicked when a focused layout object (like a text, image, etc.) is behind it