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This Minecraft Forge mod allows you to use your inventory as a new way of automating resource processing. It adds several items that can interact with the player's inventory.


The first item is the Inventory Hopper. It can transfer items from one slot to another and can extract or insert items into an item container (a shulker box for instance). Here is how it works:

Hopper usage

The hopper transfers the items that are in the blue slot to the orange slot. You can also rotate the hopper to transfer items in any direction by right clicking it.

There are two types of hopper: the slow one that transfers one item every 8 game ticks and the fast hopper that transfers one item every tick.


The second item added by this mod is the inventory furnace. It allows you to smelt items directly in your inventory.

Here is how it works:

Furnace usage

The furnace can pull items from the slot above (the blue slot), smelt them and put the resulting item in the slot below (the orange slot). In order to heat up, the furnace will consume the items that are to the right or to the left of it (the purple slots).


The next item is the Inventory Dropper. You can insert items in its inventory using an inventory hopper. These items will then be dropped out of your inventory.


The last item is the Inventory Pump. It transfers liquids between two fluid containers such as buckets and tanks added by other mods. It works the same as the hoppers described above and takes 8 ticks to transfer the equivalent of one bucket.


Here is simple use case of the furnace combined with pumps to fuel it with lava:

Pump usage


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