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IMPORTANT: Please back up your worlds before updating! The most recent of Facility should remain compatible with existing worlds but the changes are significant and there is always some risk.
Pipes got a big upgrade...


Quick Summary of Updated Pipes

  • Storage to Bus adapter pulls items for fluids from blocks or the world into the pipe
  • Bus to Storage adapter pulls items from the pipe into the world or a block
  • Crates and tanks will provide or accept items/fluids without an adapter, but are passive. Put an adapter on them for active input/output.
  • Vanilla inventories always require an adapter.
  • A redstone signal disables an adapter.
  • Pipes and adapters have a circuit number, show in the tooltip and indicated by color. By default, pipe will automatically connect to whatever circuit is nearby unless you hold down CTRL (I think? or maybe ALT, configure in Mod Keys). If you hold that down it picks a circuit that won't connect.
  • Right clicking with a stack of pipe will change to a specific circuit number. Shift right click to go in opposite order.
  • Illuminated pipes are purely decorative. They connect and operate like normal pipes.



A simple but powerful storage and transport mod for Fabric. 

A single crate holds 2,048 items, only 15% more than a normal chest.  However...

  • Items don't need to stack  
  • Crates are searchable
  • Crates placed next to each other act like one big chest 
  • Crates retain their contents when broken

There's many other features but that's all you need to know to get started. 


Future features will include:

  • Connect multi-block to create storage networks
  • More transport and compatibility options
  • Auto-crafting
  • Fluid pump


This mod is still early and in active development.  Bad bugs and world-breaking changes in future versions are possible. Please keep frequent back ups of your world.


Discord: https://discord.gg/7NaqR2e



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